REVIEW: Liza, Enchong in delightful, heartwarming narrative on love and trust in MMK “Orasan”

How can you put true love to the test? Is it by catering to every whim of the person you love or is it by trusting that special someone by holding on and working out each travail you encounter together as you give that relationship a chance? 

These questions would befuddle a fearful, inexperienced Aileen (Liza Soberano) in recognizing and validating what she feels for Johnny (Enchong Dee), considering the heartaches she had seen in the life of her pregnant sister, who had been abandoned by her unborn child’s father.  

Johnny and Aileen’s love story began when both took a summer job at a publishing house selling books. Johnny was Aileen’s mentor in trying to make door-to-door sales of the educational titles they had carried. They hit off quite well, both in doing their jobs, and in forming a genuine friendship.

It didn’t take long before Johnny had become attracted to Aileen, not only because of her gorgeousness but most especially because of her pure heart and kindness. But Aileen was hesitant to go into a relationship, given that she prioritized her studies and was generally pessimistic towards men.  



But when Johnny finally confessed his love and expressed his desire to court her, the once accommodating Aileen turned reluctant to even chat with him. Yet, still, Aileen would give Johnny a somewhat “slim” chance at wooing her—having to do certain “impossible” tasks to prove his love.  This includes forcing himself to cry in front of her to wearing a flowery shirt and orange pants in public.  This went on until they even went out of town, and Aileen forced Johnny to consume three large bags of chips in five minutes just to show his seriousness in his courtship, until she would demand him to cry once more in front her to again attest to his love. 

This led to his exasperation, saying such instances don’t prove how much one loves a person, but only how they face ordeals and solving them together by actually taking that risk of entering a relationship. Johnny said he remains true to his love for Aileen, and that he knows Aileen shares the same but would still entertain that dread towards having a boyfriend. He wanted her to give him a real chance at proving his love. 

It came to a point when Aileen finally decided to give him a chance and actually said yes. During this time, Aileen had graduated while Johnny was still in college pursuing his degree. Aileen would still demand that Johnny calls her at exactly 1:30 am during their monthsaries to still again prove his love. After several months, Johnny would not be able to fulfill that promise due to the pressures of having to study and work at the same time. And this oversight coupled with his inability to either text or call due to his schedule infuriated Aileen, and this made her angrily confront him on his perceived growing neglect towards their relationship, and said they should break up. 



This remark would then annoy Johnny saying that despite the years they spent together, he still hasn’t won Aileen’s trust and that he seemingly is still just a suitor. He would then leave Aileen startled. What has she done to prove her love? Because of this, Johnny said he agreed that they should split.

Aileen was devastated. In the days that followed, she felt the hurt of having to part ways with Johnny, leaving her depressed and miserable. This made her family, especially her mom concerned. She would then advise her not to let her fears stop her happiness, and she should give a real, honest-to-goodness give and take relationship with Johnny, the person she truly loves, a chance. Realizing her mistake of being too demanding on Johnny, she would try to reach out to Johnny and save their relationship.

And she did. Aileen would chance upon Johnny at his home, albeit at a time when he just came from a group date with a new female friend. They would then talk at the steps, admitting how she was so wrong in being so doubtful of his love that it led to denying herself real happiness. She said she would now prove more than ever how much she loves Johnny.

Meanwhile, Johnny confessed that he enjoyed his time with his new date, and those moments spent with her had been so cordial and fun. But, he said nothing and no one could replace Aileen in his heart, and that he will forever love her, no matter what.



All it takes to make the relationship work, they would proclaim, is their “formula”: Love + Time + Effort = Happiness.

MMKOrasan,” originally aired in 2014, is one delightful, heartwarming narrative about discovering the realities of love from the perspective of two people learning about its genuineness for the first time. Masterfully directed by Mae Cruz, the episode speaks of the wonder and amazement one feels when he or she encounters real love, even it is questioned and denied at first. 

The execution is so natural as you really know and feel how their relationship develops logically and organically in realistic situations with a script, written by Joan Habana, that viewers can relate to, especially those who have encountered the same predicaments. 

We are amazed at the breakthrough dramatic role, pre-LizQuen, of Liza Soberano who certainly exudes that sensational and captivating aura that made her a top female star today. Her charm and efficacy brought life to the character, and made it quite endearing to everyone who witnessed her performance. 

Enchong Dee, as he has shown in this episode, continues to be a top male thespian due to his deep understanding and effective personification of his character. While the role might be as simple as a cute boy in love with the girl of his dreams, he makes it even more special and unforgettable with effervescent and incredible acting chops.

Netizens were likewise amazed.