Kim Pepe deliver heartwarming portrayals MMK

Nothing is more beautiful than a love that’s true and genuine. A love that nothing in this would could break or stop—not what others think or the difficult realities we face.

As such, love becomes what it is—giving the time and effort to overcome any odds together, accepting each other faithfully and committing to each other forever.

This is clearly seen and felt in the story of Rose (Kim Molina) and JR (Pepe Herrera) on Maalaala Mo Kaya’s June 7 episode, “Tricycle”, two people whose journeys in life might not fit in perceived calculations, yet a perfect match in how they see and feel for each other.

Rose initially had doubts about JR’s intentions towards her after a heartbreak. But slowly but surely, she knew JR had been serious about her, being a longtime admirer see her in the neighborhood he plied his daily route as a tricycle driver. JR not only showed his pure intentions in wooing her, he actually showed her how much he values and respects her, and Rose would eventually fall in love with a guy who even struggles in spelling the words he wants to express.



Rose and JR enjoyed a blissful relationship, but they faced terrible stumbling blocks—foremost of which was the disapproval of Rose’s father (Aloysius Norona), who thinks she would be up for no good if she continues her romance with JR. Even with her father’s opposition, Rose fought for their love, and with good reason.  Even at a young age, she knew and felt how JR loved her truly and that he was also the person she genuinely loved.

But when Rose entered college, JR had also been overly occupied in his other jobs as a waiter and party clown, aside from his being a tricycle driver. And that made him unresponsive to Rose’s text messages, especially during those times she needed him. Because of this, Rose would give in to the charms of a schoolmate, and cheat on JR, who would soon find out about her fling after friends told him about their photo posted on social media. When JR confronted Rose, she tearfully apologized and told him she thought he has lost his interest in their relationship because he had not communicated with her for so long.



JR told her he had been too busy with work because he needed to shoulder the cost of caring for an ailing father—a fact he did not reveal to Rose, who asked him why he had not told her about it.  He said it was because he didn’t intend to bother her in her studies. JR also told Rose that finding another boyfriend was not the solution to their problems and that she should have sought him out to talk about their issues.  

Rose would ask for forgiveness and begged for a second chance. Because of his deep love for Rose, he accepted her apology and they reconciled. Since overcoming their first hurdle as lovers, Rose found the motivation and inspiration to excel in her studies, as JR became so diligent and hardworking in his own trades.

When she finished her college studies and got her engineering license, Rose finally had the guts to introduce JR to her father. While he first showed his sternness in talking to JR, Rose’s father would then finally express his approval of their relationship as he thanked JR for his support for Rose in reaching her dreams of becoming an engineer.

However, when she started work, colleagues would look down on JR, chatting at Rose’s back that she has a bleak future with someone whose work is “just” a tricycle driver. When JR overheard it, he kept the pain to himself, and not opening up to Rose about it. Rose did not have the faintest idea about JR’s insecurities until the pandemic happened, and Rose asked JR if they could get married soon, given how the challenges of COVID-19 made them see how time is precious and should not be wasted.



JR was understandably hesitant, given that he did not have the resources for a grand wedding or even a stable future in supporting their family. But Rose was insistent, telling him that she would shoulder all the costs needed for their wedding, as she landed a new, high-paying job. But his insecurities remained, and JR would show it with the way he acted when they discussed about the wedding. JR would then tell Rose about feeling so low hearing what people are saying about him, and the fact that he could not even propose to her because he could not buy an engagement ring she always wanted. In their emotional talk, Rose told JR what’s important is the “we” in their relationship and not think of what others think about them. She told him she has found her forever in this simple tricycle driver, and would not ask anything in life, not even riches or success, only two letters she spelled out: JR.

A heartwarming and touching tale, MMK’s “Tricycle” episode really made hearts flutter with this wonderful story about a love we all want to have—one that enjoys appreciation of each other’s true worth, and express a kind of love that’s unbridled and unending.

As Raz dela Torre’s superb directorial guidance lifted all the impressive creative aspects of the show, the most striking is Joan Habana’s script—while simple, less wordy—has brought out the episode’s identifiable, thrilling appeal.

Yet we are most impressed with the way Kim Molina and Pepe Herrera portrayed their characters, as their performance turned out so natural and believable, it’s like you’d encounter them at just the next street corner.

Pepe was a thespic standout, delivering the character in the truest form to the last detail, making viewers see a real person in JR—with his fears, insecurities, and doubts about himself—and admire him for his genuine endearment for the woman she truly loves.

Kim Molina is certainly everything viewers want in an actress—showing depth and integrity in her portrayal, as she offers a characterization viewers can relate to—and just like Pepe, crafting a real person, with all her  faults and mistakes, in still expressing the kind of love we all want to have—loving someone truly despite his limitations, filling the gaps when needed, and realize an ideal romance based on true merits. That is, expressing a love that is unconditional and genuine they can share forever. And, of course, being truly happy.

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