REVIEW: Julianna Parizcova Segovia impresses with acting chops in MMK “Korona”

Two years after it was first shown in August 2018, we’re able to once again witness the inspiring and heart-rending life journey of It’s Showtime’s first-ever Miss Q & A grand winner Julianna Parizcova Segovia as his life story was featured again in Maalaala Mo Kaya.

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We have known Juliana, whose real name is Tyrone James “TJ” Ortega, as a jolly and witty person who never fails to put a smile on our faces because of his comedic talent and astounding remarks about everything under the sun. 

However, behind all his palaban and cheerful disposition are heartrending struggles and life experiences that truly tested his personality through the years. Ever since he was young, people made fun of him for his unmanly qualities and actions. However, TJ tried to act masculine for the sake of his parents, even if it meant losing the freedom to show and express his true self. He moved to Isabela, yet despite pushing himself to be the person everyone expected him to be, people still did not stop from mocking him. Adding salt to his wound was the sudden death of his father.

When his overseas Filipina worker (OFW)-mother Cynthia (Elizabeth Oropesa), found out that people were still not treating him right, she brought him back to their place in Pasay. Even though Cynthia already accepted her son for who he is, she still discouraged him from crossdressing to prevent people from making fun of him. 

But TJ knew that he wouldn’t be himself if he wouldn’t dress freely and wear clothes that he wants for himself. In fact, TJ got more comfortable in wearing women’s clothes that he started joining gay pageant in spite of his mother’s disapproval. Even though he didn’t get enough support from her, he proved how strong he could be in showing everyone who he truly is despite all their judgments. 



This was what led him to joining It’s Showtime’s well-loved segment Miss Q & A, wherein he started introducing himself by his stage name ‘Julianna Pariscova Segovia’ and worked his way into becoming the pageant’s first-ever grand winner that served as his way of reaching his dreams.

Despite this being his first-ever acting stint, Juliana amazingly didn’t fail as a newbie. He’s able to provide the needed emotions in every scene and keep pace with his seasoned and veteran co-stars, truly compelling us with his promising dramatic chops.



Of course, his co-actors should be credited, too, in his promising performance as they didn’t fail to complement or support him through their impeccable acting prowess in each scene they shared, as well as top caliber director Dado C. Lumibao and brilliant writers Benson A. Logronio and Arah Jell Badayos who did a great job in coming up with this riveting and inspiring narrative. 

Thus, Juliana and this MMK “Korona” episode entirely served its purpose of reminding the viewers of the value of acceptance, especially to our family members and friends who are part of the ever-colorful LGBTQIA+ community. Besides, the pageant titlist has also inspired us to beautifully confident with ourselves and be not afraid to express how we feel and who we are genuinely.

#MMKRainbowCrown was also starred veteran thespians Elizabeth Oropesa and Nonie Buencamino, as well as promising artists Josh de Guzman, Milo Elmido, and Onse. You may watch it again on iWant TFC and or its highlights on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s official website and YouTube channel.

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