JC Alcantara gives faithful endearing portrayal of  JM Yosures

His spine-tingling voice might have enraptured many and his accomplishments as a person—from earning a degree to settling in high-paying jobs left and right to support his beloved family—brought some degree of fulfillment. 

But for Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 4 Grand Champion JM Yosures, validation comes with the inner strength he carries to endure his personal setbacks, which he turned into snippets of inspiration to reach greater heights.

Maaalaala Mo Kaya took us to a heartwarming and inspirational narrative of JM’s life story in its May 25 episode, “Mikropono,” depicting how he faced his difficult travails, all with the support of people who truly loved and cared for him, and reached his dreams.

JM (JC Alcantara) comes from a simple yet loving family and studied hard to become an achiever in school, but his passion for singing lingered. Yet because of the hardships hos family encountered, his mother Mylin (Nikki Valdez) discouraged him from aspiring to be a singer, and told him to just concentrate on his studies.

Along the way, JM painfully learned that the father he knew since birth, Jude (Jayson Gainza and loved was not his real dad. While he accepted the fact, JM became increasingly inquisitive about his biological father, who his mother claimed had drowned in a ship accident. When he entered college and pursued his industrial engineering degree, JM became focused not only in finishing his course, but also in his passion for singing, with the support and encouragement of his friends.  He would also long to meet his real father, who he believes is still alive, and with the help of his friends found a way to track his residence. 



When JM was able to locate his biological father’s residence, he paid a visit and found and met his real dad’s gracious family. They would welcome him and even told stories about him, foremost of which was being a responsible head of the family, supporting his three kids through college, and later pursue his passion for music. They would even notice JM’s similarities with his real father, both in looks and in their similar passion for music. 

Meeting his real dad’s family further inflicted so much pain in his heart, since he could not understand why, at least, his biological father did not seek to meet and know that he exists. While Mylin castigated him for visiting his real father’s house without his knowledge, she would understand his longing for the truth. Mylin would then reveal why his biological father left them.

Mylin said she fell in love with his real father while he was a patron at the eatery she was tending, and  would have relationship. When Mylin revealed to him that she was about to be pregnant, he hastily excused himself and left his wallet with government-issued document slipping out. Mylin checked the document thoroughly and was shocked and infuriated to find out that he was married.

Mylin blew her top, and asked him why he fooled her to believe he was still single, and made her pregnant. He would then leave without a word, passing on to Mylin the burden of bearing and raising their child on her own.

A single mom, Mylin would then meet and fall in love with Jude who was more than willing to take on the responsibility of not just being a faithful husband and provider, but also to be a dedicated and loving father to a son who’s not his own flesh and blood. 



Though impoverished, JM, Mylin, and Jude enjoyed a simple and happy life, with JM wishing he would soon take the cudgels of being the breadwinner, to take the enormous load off his loving parents. And he did, after finishing his degree in industrial engineering. He would take a number of high-paying jobs, and fulfilled his dream of being a responsible provider for his family. 

But his passion for singing still burned inside him.  Even with the support of his parents, and his friends, JM would still hold back, as he still bore the pain of a real father abandoning him. But with his Jude’s insistence and guidance, JM began trying to reach his ultimate dream—to become a singer. The opportunity came when a staffer on It’s Showtime noticed a performance video he uploaded online and messaged him to join Tawag Ng Tanghalan. While he did audition, he failed several times, and this discouraged him at first.  Drawing strength from his family and his friends, JM would finally enter the daily competitions, and won each contest.



In one of those contests, in the quarterfinals, JM sang Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece by Piece”, which he dedicated to both his real father and stepfather that left the madlang people in tears because the song mirrored the journey he went through.

His impeccable, striking vocals, which endeared him to the hurados and the madlang people, eventually took him to the Huling Tapatan, wherein he sang stirring renditions of popular songs in his identifiable, heart-tugging style.  JM was then declared the Tawag Ng Tanghalan Season 4 Grand Champion, [LINK OUT https://ent.abs-cbn.com/itsshowtime/videos/jm-yosures-is-tawag-ng-tanghalan-season-4-grand-champion-299984] a defining and fulfilling accolade he dedicates to those who loved and believed in him—quite notably, the family who truly cares for and loves him dearly.

This episode was superbly inspiring for those to relate to JM’s story, pushing for the dreams he can attain and not aspire for things he cannot. Director Elfren Vibar, Jr. brought this message clear with exceptional storytelling and impressive production elements, such as lighting design and editing.

But the most prominent jewels of this episode were the lead cast members who faithfully depicted their characters to the last detail. 

Jayson Gainza was endearing in this episode as he not only effectively brought to life a breathing character as JM’s stepfather, Jude, but also placed an adorable personality that went with it. His acting delightful to see and hopefully we could see more of him in the future.

Nikki Valdez as always never fails to astound people with her exceptional acting, and this outing is no different. Her portrayal of JM’s mother Mylin made viewers deeply comprehend and understand the perils she went through, as she continued to be the loving and dedicated mother JM knew in his heart, and raised him to be the best he could be. 

JC Alcantara, for his part, continues to impress everyone with his natural, deeply felt and understood portrayal of JM Yosures.  JC stood out, not only with his captivating charm and outstanding craft, but also the way he naturally connects with viewers with every smirk, tear or laugh. With his portrayal, viewers knew what JM went through to achieve his dream, and took inspiration from it.

Netizens were also impressed