Dawn Chang Madam Inutz MMM Part 2

Dawn Chang once again received positive comments from netizens as she continues to astound us with her on-point portrayal of online sensation “Madam Inutz” in the second part of the Mother’s Day special of Maalaala Mo Kaya tagged #MMKMadamInutz.

Titled “Ring Light”, this followed her journey to moving on from her painful breakup with her foreigner fiancé named Chris. Her heart may be broken, yet she still chose to return to her job as an entertainer in South Korea. Several men may have attempted to woo her, but she declined the love and good life they offered to her and told them that she’s not the same with other women who are just after their money. She also refused being paired by her friends to single guys they know, telling them that she was only there to work for her family and not to get into any romantic relationship.

Her conversations and banters with her nanay (Susan Africa) over video call truly helped her get over from her ex and heal. As soon as her contract ended, she decided to go home to bond and take good care of her children, as well as spend time with her family. However, as much as she wanted to evade love, it still came to her at the time that she least expected it. She met online a British man named Paul Blacklock, who later on became her boyfriend after months of exchanging messages and calling each other.

Paul then finally came here in the Philippines to visit her and meet her family, who were all approved of their relationship. Even though they’re in a long-distance relationship, he made sure to come here every three months to personally check on her since she’s already pregnant then. She heeded to his request for her to not go back in South Korea after giving birth to their daughter, yet she continued with her jewelry business in order to still help her family.

Just when things are already getting better, the greatest challenge in their family came when her mother suffered from stroke. This compelled her to decline Paul’s invitation that time for her to go with him to Spain along with the kids, which he reluctantly accepted. However, their plan to live together in Spain became impossible due to the lockdowns implemented during the pandemic. Since the remittances she received from Paul got affected, she decided to venture in live selling with the use of her mobile phone and a ring light in order to make both ends meet.

The number of viewers from her first session was discouraging, so she reinvented her technique by doing random shenanigans and spitting curses from time to time, much to the entertainment of the viewers. Since then, she’s able to rake in thousands of viewers everytime she went and their sales increased as well. Despite the snide remarks she received from some netizens, not to mention being dubbed “Madam Inutz”, she still persisted with the help of her siblings and kids for the sake of her ill mom.

Amid the success of her online business, Daisy’s once again got broken upon finding out that Paul already had another woman in Spain. Even though it was painful, she decided to break up with him and chose to be with her beloved nanay. Her mom blamed herself upon knowing it, but Daisy assured her that it wasn’t her fault and that Paul shouldn’t have made her choose between them in the first place if he truly loved her.

Life may have been difficult, but she continued to persevere for her family. Her viewers truly appreciated her unconditional love for them, especially her mom who has been bedridden for five years then. Thus, some of them sent packages that contained diapers, milk, and medicines for her mother, as well as donated cash that amounted to php100,000!

She rose to popularity after her funny “burol” video went viral online, which earned her 3.5 million followers and opened a lot of doors for her, including being one of the celebrity housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10. She has also forgiven Paul and made amends with him after he apologized for the hurtful things he did and said to her.

Madam Inutz may have failed in her past three relationships, yet she still considers herself blessed to have Nanay Criselda by her side no matter what. And she would never trade her for anything or any man in this world.

Astounding performance of Dawn Chang

Just like in the first part aired last May 7, Dawn consistently wowed us with her portrayal of Madam Inutz in this second part titled “Ring Light.” She didn’t just nail the striking physical appearance of her character, but also did a great job in mimicking her mannerisms, nuances, and the way she speaks. Thus, netizens couldn’t help but gush over her notable performance and talked about it on Twitter.

Veteran actress Susan Africa astounded the audiences as well with her exceptional portrayal of Nanay Criselda, especially during that time when her character suffered from stroke. The rest of the supporting cast all impressed us, too! Of course, the superb storytelling of Director Raz S. Dela Torre and writer Joan P. Habana should not be overlooked at the same time.

Positive feedbacks from netizens

Aside from heaping praises to the outstanding performances of the cast, netizens also related how they’re able to identify with and got inspired by the life story of Madam Inutz, as well as their takeaways from it.

She reminded us that even though our lives may have not turned out the way we planned it, but we should always choose to rise up, fight, and persevere. And most importantly, we should appreciate our mothers, not only during Mother’s Day, but in our everyday lives because it’s their unconditional love that propels us to go on with life despite the odds.

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