PAANDAR 2019: 7 unexpected Kapamilya celebrity pairings that delighted us with their unmistakable chemistry in MMK

The year 2019 has been another year filled with inspiration, kilig, thrill, and life morals as Maalaala Mo Kaya continues to serve us anecdotes of our kababayans from different parts of the country and the world, and from different walks of life too.

At the same time, seven unexpected Kapamilya celebrity pairings also delighted us with their unmistakable chemistry on-screen despite being teamed up with each other in the respective episodes they starred in.

Teejay Marquez and Majoy Apostol

These two young and promising actors have proven how deserving they are of the spotlight bestowed to them. They may have taken different paths in showbiz, but both are just really equally talented in their craft.

Rising actress Majoy Apostol has starred as Maya in the 2016 coming-of-age thriller film “Birdshot.” Meanwhile, Teejay Marquez has recently been part of the 2019 horror film “Hellcome Home.”

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In this episode, they exuded a beautiful chemistry that really touched our hearts as they gave justice to the love story of Badeth and Alex. They showed us how love does not look into the physical aspects of a person, but instead into one’s soul.

Yen Santos and Rafael Rosell

MMK’s “Dyip” episode featured a love story of a Filipina who found true love with a foreign guy, the same way how a foreign guy saw genuine love in a Filipina.

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We might have never imagined that Rafel and Yen would ever team up, but in this episode, they attested that artists who get paired for the first time can still brandish an authentic and compelling chemistry. Rafael portrayed the role of Vincent, an Australian guy who fell in love with Rodelyn, whose character was delightfully played by Yen.

Gelli de Belen and Jerome Ponce

Most of us probably have our ideal love story which can feed our fantasies of what a perfect love story looks or feels like. But the “Simbahan” episode showcased a romantic tale that was quite different from the ones we usually witness.

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Although separated by decades of generations, Agnes and Kiko, portrayed by Gelli and Jerome, respectively, made us see what is more than the love that shaped our perspective about it. The chemistry that they exhibited was definitely commendable as they went beyond what we expected from them.

Elisse Joson and Richard Gutierrez

Who would not get kilig because of what seemed like a perfect on-screen tandem including Elisse and Richard? Maybe we have not imagined these two would ever be paired with each other but when they did, we realized how talented these actors are as they proved they could execute kilig scenes and deliver kilig lines, as if they’d done those together for a long time already.

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Joem Bascon and Denise Laurel

Joem and Denise looked perfect together as a loveteam when they were partnered with one another in MMK’s “Mansanas.” Netizens even also applauded their very impressive portrayal of their characters on their first-ever team-up.

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Aside from the genuine and unconditional love that the episode wanted to show the people, the viewers commended how the actors, most especially Joem and Denise poured their heart onto the characterization of their roles. Joem suited the character of Emman, who had an unbelievable determination in life, while Denise succeeded to give justice to the character of Maricar, who was a girl boss in this episode.

Elisse Joson and Kit Thompson

Aside from incorporating relevant issue in the episode entitled “Painting,” both Elisse and Kit, who portrayed Ancel and Mark, respectively, did impeccable characterizations on their roles. We know Elisse as someone who is very versatile as an actress for she can always deliver great performance whatever role she might be given. Adding to this was the fact that she made a good partner to whomever she is paired with. At the same time, Kit has been getting the spotlight as well as he starred in Cinebravo film “Belle Douleur” and iWant’s “Momol Nights” and the Kapamilya series Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa It’s hard not to expect more chances for them to be paired again.

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Barbie Imperial and Paulo Angeles

When we talk about romantic relationships among millennials, we also talk about the corny and cheesy pickup lines, sweet exchange of messages, heart eyes emojis, or countless exchange of “I love yous.” However, Barbie and Paulo proved how true love just goes beyond all of that as they portrayed a young couple who went through a depressing challenge that truly tested and fortified their genuine love for each other.

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The two young artists looked really cute together during the giddy moments in this episode which made people their age kilig and relate so much to them.

Are you excited as us to find out who are going to be the next unlikely loveteams we’re going to see on the upcoming episodes of MMK in 2020?