MMK My GrandPARENTS Review

A parent’s deepest love is unconditional and genuine, all for the betterment of the children they hold dear. Yet this unbridled affection need not necessarily come from only our biological parents, but even more lovingly from our grandparents.

On Maalaala Mo Kaya’s 2018 episode “Paruparo,” which was re-aired on Saturday, September 11, this special love was shared by Chimong (Nanding Josef) and Menang (PeeWee O’Hara) with their beloved apo, Joseph (Ynigo Delen), who grew up under their care and guidance. During this time, Joseph saw them as his real parents until he learns that they are really his lolo and lola.

Despite this, Joseph’s love for Chimong and Menang never waned, it even became stronger and deeper. He still strived hard to do well in his studies so that one day, he would provide for them. Time came when Joseph’s real father Jose (John Arcilla) sought full custody over him and took the responsibility of supporting his studies. While Joseph did not want to leave his grandparents, he still went with his father in the hopes of finishing his studies and make his lolo and lola proud.

However, instead of the love and affection he had long enjoyed under his grandparents’ care, Joseph suffers abuse and maltreatment from his stepmother Lou (Maricel Morales). As he grew up into being a young man, Joseph (Mark Neumann) defended himself against his stepmother’s cruelty because his own father is unable to stand up for him.

It came to a point when Joseph had enough, and ran away from home. Joseph had since been street dweller trying to find means of livelihood just to continue his schooling and to survive. While Joseph suffered, his hard work and determination paid off. Joseph was able to complete his education degree and became a teacher.

As he graduated, Joseph attributed his success to the love of his grandparents, who continued to believe in him. But his Lola Menang reminded Joseph to also recognize his father’s share in his success, given that he shouldered his high school studies.

Joseph would then acknowledge Jose’s efforts, as he even reached out to him when he was in financial need, and offered him assistance from his salary as a teacher in making ends meet. But when his Lola Menang succumbed to an illness, Jose did not inform Joseph about her passing, making him resent his father’s actions.  Jose reasoned that he did not want to distract Joseph in his work as a teacher, but Joseph told his father that he should know how much he loves his grandmother that not informing him about her illness and death was unthinkable.

Yet as his Lolo Chimong also passed away, Joseph would try to mend ties with his father and stepmother, saying he values family the most—a value his loving lolo and lola taught him.

After Joseph had a successful stint as a teacher in Japan, he began a local education initiative helping low-income students, which reflect more of the legacy of goodwill handed over to him by the genuine love he felt under the care of his beloved grandparents.

A touching, heartwarming narrative of a grandchild’s bond with his grandparents, MMK “Paruparo” also effectively showed the value of forgiveness and family with exceptional creative elements, ably put together by director Raz dela Torre.

Ynigo Delen provided a superb dramatic performance with incredible depth that allowed viewers to truly commiserate with his sufferings, as Nanding Josef and PeeWee O’Hara gave gripping portrayals of the endearing grandparents that truly made a mark in the life of their grandchild.

John Arcilla remains a believable and credible thespian who leaves a lasting impact on viewers, as well as a powerful performance from Maricel Morales. Mark Neumann is definitely a revelation with his breakout dramatic performance, which should open up more opportunities for this emerging talent.

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