KChat Lotlot & Aya on MMK Lost Son

Seasoned actress Lotlot de Leon lends her brilliance to Maalalaa Mo Kaya’s “Lost Son” episode, which tells the story of a mother bent on reuniting with her son, leading to forgiveness and acceptance. Lotlot and co-star Aya Fernandez shared more about MMK’s next offering in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

It takes genuine maternal emotions to play Ollie, the letter sender. Her tale is full of pain and hurdles, all of which she managed to overcome for her children. That’s why Lotlot is perfect for the role. She’s a woman with a big heart. Besides, she wanted to prove herself worthy of the role by aiming for realism.

However, she wouldn’t be able to pull it off by herself. “Bilang artista, it will not be easy kung ‘yung mga kasama hindi rin marunong,” she said, adding that she’s blessed to be working with brilliant co-stars including Aya. Director Raz Dela Torre was collaborative as well.

The whole team aimed for authenticity, as Lotlot put it, “there are no pretensions here” since they’re portraying a real-life story.

As for Aya, she learned through Lotlot’s generosity. She said the established actress carried affecting emotions in every scene. She’d just look into her eyes and feel their connection, “Mafe-feel mong tumatagos ‘yung empathy niya. ‘Yung presence niya, ramdam mo siya sa set. Kaya napakadali rin maghugot ng emosyon kasi gano’ng klaseng energy meron siya.”

Aside from studying the script, Aya prepared for this MMK episode by knowing the kind of environment her character, Liezel, grew up in, “Hindi ko alam ‘yung exact school, pero ‘yung lugar, ano ‘yung kondisyon, lahat ng specific. Kasi sa isip ko nga, unlike ‘yung ibang ginagampanan ko na roles na pwede kang gumawa ng sariling description ng character, ito, totoo ‘to, eh. Kaya maingat ‘yung pag-aaral ko kay Liezel, hindi siya kathang –isip lang.”

The actresses consider acting as therapeutic. Lotlot shared it helps her release certain emotions she’d rather keep in real life, “Minsan ‘yung mga gusto mong sabihin, doon mo nahahanap, na hindi mo masabi kumbaga nang tapat. Nagagamit ko ‘yung characters to be able to express some of those things I have never expressed in my life.”

Aya seconded, “Merong mga galit na bigla na lang nawawala pagkatapos mong umarte kasi nalabas mo na.” 

To close the segment, they were asked their message to their characters. Aya described her character, Liezel’s story as “mapagpalaya,” one that viewers will surely admire. She admitted the script made her ponder on her life and relationship with the family. “Kung ano ‘yung naging desisyon ni Liezel sa huli, nakakahanga. Hashtag goals ka, Liezel. Mabuhay ka! Kasama ka sa prayers ko,” expressed Aya. 

Meanwhile, Lotlot mentioned that Ollie is a reminder that we’re not in the position to judge anyone, “Maaaring para sa’yo may mga maling desisyon siyang ginawa, pero hindi mo pwedeng husgahan ang tao kung saan siya nanggagaling dahil hindi mo talaga alam ang istorya niya.”

She continued, “Isa si Ollie doon… Kumbaga, lahat ‘yun kailangan niyang pagdaanan para maging buo ang pagkatao niya, para makagawa siya ng desisyon na tama para sa kanya at sa mga mahal niya sa buhay.”

Lotlot stressed that you don’t owe anybody an explanation. At the end of the day, only you would know what’s best for you and the people you value.

Catch MMK “Lost Son” this Saturday, September 10, at 8 pm, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.