Kapamilya Chat: Jake Cuenca vs Ria Atayde in Game of Phones

Jake and Ria gamely shared what’s on their mobile phones as they play games for Kapamilya Chat. In the first challenge, they tried to outdo each other based on stats such as the most number of likes, retweets, and posts from their social media accounts.

Ria’s last Instagram post dedicated to Jake showed some of their most endearing photos and snippets from their MMK “Monster In Law” episode, matched with a sweet caption that celebrates their friendship. It amassed more than 10, 000 likes. On the other hand, Jake’s latest IG entry is a teaser for his upcoming series “Viral” which already has 18, 000 views.

Ria has 61, 000 photos on her mobile gallery while Jake has 45, 000.  On who got the most number of retweets for their latest tweet, Ria has 3 while Jake has 7. Jake’s unread email messages count to more than 99, while Ria said she doesn’t have much. And based on these numbers, Jake won!

For the second round,   Jake and Ria shared their last mobile activities. Their last selfies are from their upcoming series “Viral.” Ria’s latest online purchase is a vegetable supplement while that of Jake is a birthday gift for girlfriend Kylie Verzosa.

Ria’s last received message was from her cousin Joaquin, saying “See you tomorrow!” while Jake’s is a reminder from his handler about this guesting. Sudoko is Ria’s most used mobile application while Jake’s is Audible.

They say that gadgets especially mobile phones are an extension of one’s personality, so discover Jake and Ria’s traits and habits in this video!