Jeremiah Lisbo, Lotlot de Leon sketch Ralph Malibunas life story in MMK

The life story of Pinoy Big Brother Connect housemate Ralph Malibunas is about rising above failures and mistakes to make his dreams happen. And in the path of dreaming, his mother’s love served as his guide. Maalaala Mo Kaya paints this story in its next episode top billed by Rise artist Jeremiah Lisbo with seasoned actress Lotlot de Leon playing his mother.

The episode was helmed by Director Chad Vidanes, who was also the director of He’s Into Her. But unlike in the teen series, Jeremiah’s dramatic scenes in MMK “PBB Ralph” are heavier. He said pain related to family and heartbreaks from romantic love are different in some ways. The former has more depth.



Lotlot could vouch for Jeremiah’s working attitude, calling him a good student. He listens to Direk Chad, who was a hands-on director in return, and devoted to the point of holding on too much to the character. She would often catch him silent and tell him to just relax. “Pinapatawa ko na lang siya… Sinasabi ko sa kanya, ‘Relax.’ Kasi si Jeremiah, parang hindi na siya humihinga minsan, eh. Ang tahimik niya” she said in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

The rising actor owned up to this struggle. Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of a character or a scene since he’s focused on continuity. But Lotlot would understand. She was there to make work easier for him. During takes, her acting moves her co-star to deliver the right emotion. After their scenes, she makes the mood light and happy.

The showbiz veteran, after decades of acting experience, already learned how to keep the right distance between her and the character she portrays. She said it boils down to know who the character is. This way, it’s easier to deliver authentic performance and at the same time understand that they are different people. It’s more difficult, though, when the character is a real person.

Lotlot prepared for her role by “stalking” Ralph. She watched his vlogs and researched about him to know him better, apart from studying the script and character sketch provided. And the more she dived into the character, the more she admired Ralph’s mother. As a mom herself, Lotlot could relate to the sacrifices of Ralph’s mom. There was respect in her voice as she talked about Ralph’s mother being strong, courageous, and careful in her decisions.  

For Jeremiah’s part, talking with Ralph helped him prepare for the role. He would listen to his stories, take down notes, and observe his nuances and way of speaking. Playing Ralph, Jeremiah got to know how hardworking he is.

Asked her advice for Ralph, Lotlot said the ex-housemate of Kuya already has the right attitude about life. Not everyone has the backbone to juggle different jobs like what he did, especially for someone dearly loved by his mom.

“Si Ralph, he did his part as a son. Pinatunayan niya sa Mommy niya na nagsisikap siya, he’s hardworking. Not everybody his age would do that.” Lotlot thinks PBB’s “Na-Nice Boy Nanny of France” doesn’t need any more advice about life. He’s already on the right track and he will go more places as long as he won’t give up from challenges.

Get inspiration from Ralph’s life story in MMK, this October 2, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.