MMK Singsing Review Erich and Patrick

True love is a treasure – hard to find, but precious when found. But does it stay with us for our lifetime?

Maalaala Mo Kaya’s episode “Singsing” gave us a real-life example of true love enduring the most difficult challenges because love lasts when we choose it to. Portrayed by Erich Gonzales and Patrick Garcia, Mae and Pio’s love story is a warm but heartbreaking one.

Before the two met, Mae was a broken woman after finding out she was made a mistress by her ex-boyfriend. Moving on from her break-up, she decided to climb a mountain and start her life anew.

In this trekking journey, he met Pio, a trekking enthusiast and tour guide. Nothing sparked much between them, but Pio took an interest in her. He decided to build a friendship with Mae outside of their mountain journey through text.

It took a while for Mae to warm up to him, but eventually she liked the comfort that Pio provided. When Mae told him the reason she went on a climb was to process her negative feelings, Pio said he understood her, as he himself experienced a broken heart before. And as someone who was able to move on from a heartbreak after countless soul-searching, he was confident Mae would too.

Their friendship grew into something more and Pio finally asked Mae to be his girlfriend. Mae was hesitant at first, feeling that Pio was turned off from her messy past, but she also saw his pure sincerity, which made her say yes.

Pio’s good heart and kindness also made Mae fall in love with him more. Soon, their love blossomed and blessed them with a child. Pio was elated by the news. Mae was too, but she was afraid of what her parents might think.

Mae’s fears were right as her parents became frustrated with her situation, but she reassured them that Pio would be a good father to her child. True enough, Pio then faced Mae’s parents and voiced his promise to take care of both Mae and her baby. He even proposed to Mae and told her that with or without a baby on the way, he knew he wanted to marry Mae.

Engaged and with a baby on the way, Mae and Pio lived happily. But this didn’t last as long because another challenge threatened their love. Pio had a seizure and woke up not remembering Mae. The doctor said viral encephalitis, a virus in the brain, was the cause. It would be difficult for him to heal back to the way he was because he cannot retain short-term memories anymore.

Mae didn’t leave Pio despite him not remembering her. Every day she introduced herself, Pio would forget all about it the next day he woke up.  Pio felt guilty not recognizing her because he felt it in his heart that Mae should be someone he loves. He even didn’t want to go to sleep so that he wouldn’t forget her.

Mae assured him that she wouldn’t leave his side even if he would forget her every day. Because of this, Pio did everything he could to get better. And he did, but he would need to be extra careful.

Mae became overprotective of him, which Pio struggled with because he pitied his situation. He couldn’t fulfill his promise to take care of Mae and their baby. Mae told him to not worry about that because what matters is his health.

The worst had come after a few days. Pio had relapsed and began having hallucinations. After another seizure, his memory was still intact because of meds, but his reading and motor skills were impaired.

Mae was once again challenged with her love for Pio. Everyday she was struggling to take care of both Pio and their unborn child. Pio’s family even offered her a way out by leaving Pio in their care, so she can live her life fully.

Pio overheard this conversation and didn’t want to lose Mae. When they were alone, he professed his love for her once again and told her not to give up. Pio even proposed to her again as he forgot that he already asked her once.

Mae said she already said yes to him once and doesn’t plan on backing out. Despite the difficulties, she loves Pio and that’s something she can’t give up on.

Fortunately, their love proved to be fruitful. Pio eventually got better and they are now happy and healthy parents to their baby boy.

As many say, the heart remembers what the mind forgets. Shown in a brutal reality in MMK “Singsing,” we are moved by its truth.

Erich and Patrick playing the real-life couple was also an impressive portrayal worthy of praise. Their emotions flowed and their chemistry was felt even in such a short episode. Erich also gave a beautiful performance of a pregnant woman doing everything she can for the man she loves.

Pio and Mae’s story in MMK “Singsing” truly makes us believe in true love as one that perseveres if we choose to fight for it.