REVIEW: MMK “Painting” succeeds in telling profound tale of true love beyond physical attributes

Accepting and loving who you are has always been paramount in life.

This has always been the mindset of anyone, even if they are beset with insensitive cruel and shallow people who judge one’s capabilities and chances to succeed in life by the way they look or appear.

Body shaming has long been a scourge of many, especially those who don’t meet the standards of an ideal physique as set by the glare of celebrity and commercialism. But lately, this act has been censured and reviled, yet there are great multitudes who still do this—thinking that the flabby, chubby lot don’t stand a chance in spending forever with one with a well-chiseled figure. This is despite a growing number of people who think otherwise, as they look beyond appearances and consider qualities that matter—behaviors, manners, and demeanors that are captivating and compatible to them.

And this is the gist of the tale of Ancel (Elisse Joson) and Mark (Kit Thompson) on MMK’s “Painting” episode, who people think are “going against the norm” as they consider the former as too chubby for the latter who’s a hottie. They proved them wrong.

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Something different

They meet in school, and while Mark had numerous flings and dates, he saw something different in Ancel. She was engaging, supportive, humble, kind and cheerful—qualities that enamored him. And the more he got to know more about her in the school activities they went together, the more he was smitten.

Ancel likewise saw beyond the good looks of Mark. She saw someone who was gentle, thoughtful, considerate and even talented, as he had an impeccable skill in painting artwork.

It didn’t take long before the two really hit it off as a couple, despite the brickbats of others who deem their relationship as laughable or unthinkable. Until this was put to a test—when Mark was introduced to a comely young woman who had, just like in past instances, lured him to a fling. He had cheated on Ancel, and once his girlfriend learned about this and Mark confirmed this when she confronted him, Ancel was devastated.

While Mark told her that his fling was over and that he chose to end it because he realized how much he truly loved Ancel, she couldn’t accept that he still did the act. Ancel then distanced herself from Mark, even as he deeply apologized and affirmed his love for her.


But Ancel was then enlightened by her father (Epy Quizon), who admitted he once cheated on her mother as well but realized his mistake and was eventually forgiven. He told Ancel that while it was her decision to forgive Mark or not, there are those who take mistakes seriously and conscientiously and would not do it again.

Ancel’s love for Mark overcame such doubts, and when she paid a visit to Mark, she found him stricken with dengue unattended, and took him to the hospital. And as his parents thanked Ancel for the love and care, Mark was so delighted to see Ancel by his side even if he had been unfaithful, and again affirmed his love and told her it was he who was lucky to have her as a girlfriend, not the other way around.

After their graduation, they would face another obstacle in their relationship—Mark accepted a job overseas and Ancel had to make do with a “risky” long distance relationship, which saddened her. But this became the perfect opportunity for Mark to prove how much he loved her by being loyal and dedicated to their relationship. And he did, as he surprised her one night by placing a video call making her believe it was one of his routine calls from overseas, but actually he was just behind her. Ancel’s joy in seeing Mark again was so touching.

Marriage proposal

With his stable income as an overseas Filipino worker in Japan, Mark was now ready to fulfill a promise he gave to Ancel when they were still in college in the form of a painting—that he would bring her to an island paradise in Palawan. And there he gave one more surprise while they were en route to the island on a boat. Mark knelt on one knee with a ring in hand, popping the question to Ancel, “Will you marry me?” Ancel was left to tears and said yes, hugging Mark so tight.

They would soon walk down the aisle and, as Ancel said, would just be at the throes of their journey to forever.

It was an inspiring and enriching story, given that their love progressed in its truest form, without the trappings of mere physical attraction. Ancel never changed how she looked or behaved—she was the same stout and portly woman who loves to eat, yet became Mark’s ideal woman he’d spend forever with as his wife. And, Ancel would see Mark more than just as an attractive, charming man, but a loving husband who has what it takes for her to spend the rest of her days with.

Profound message

Thanks to director Barry Gonzales and writer Joan Habana, we’ve taken that profound message to heart, and with those spectacular scenery through masterful camera work, the episode was worthy to have the title “Painting.”

Elisse Joson is a revelation given that she showed her versatility, naturally exuding a wide range of emotions, befitting the scenes depicted. Kit Thompson is a name to watch out for with the thespic promise he showed—especially with the kind of emotional sensitivity his character requires. Netizens were likewise impressed.