REVIEW: Pokwang’s best drama outing, superb creative elements on MMK “Divet”
REVIEW Pokwang s best drama outing superb creative elements on MMK Divet  1

Fighting for your dreams may take a heavy toll, yet the rewards are immeasurable, especially with the love and sacrifice that go with it.

On MMK’s May 25 episode “Divet,” we witness how an Igorot woman would break ethnic tradition just to seek a better future—an act that is truly unprecedented. 

Diana (Pokwang) grew up impoverished and she felt the only way out of her misery is through education. But her family thought that having her tie the knot at a very young age to a well-off farmer through an arranged marriage could give them an ideal life.

Reaching her dreams

But she rejected this and pursued what she truly wanted—being the best that she could be by finishing school. Diana moved to Manila and worked as a domestic helper, something which she really poured her diligence and hard work to. And this dedication impressed her employers, who bankrolled her education until she finished college.

After she graduated, Diana would then work for the municipal office and this allowed her to provide for her family.

It didn’t take long before Diana met Victor (Allen Dizon), with whom she felt deeply in love, and they soon they got married. But little did Diana know that the fairy tale ending she thought was the start of and arduous, grueling journey.

While Diana had been so devoted in overseeing the welfare of their children, Victor would languish in a down spiral of alcoholism, and would hurt them physically.  Yet despite this, Diana’s steadfastness and selflessness would see her through the pain, as she continued to work hard for her family.

Lifelong disability

Time came when Victor’s alcohol abuse would scuttle his well-being and health, as it led to a chronic liver ailment that would cause a lifelong disability. Diana’s dedication to Victor was unconditional and unquestionable as she tried her best to care for Victor as she called on her children to offer the same sacrifice she had offered for the sake of their father, despite his sins. 

Diana would even discover a huge sum of money inside the taxicab, which she thought could help in financing Victor’s operation in Manila. But while the temptation is strong, she surrendered the amount to the taxi driver, who would bring it to a radio station to determine the owner.

Diana’s honesty was rewarded as Victor did not need the major, expensive liver procedure in Manila. 

Yet, after some time, Victor would succumb to his formidable illness, leaving Diana and her children distraught and devastated. But this ordeal became their inspiration to excel and achieve. With the devotion Diana gave to her family no matter what, her children learned the value of perseverance and hard work, which pushed them to reach their own dreams. 


And no one else could be happier than Diana, whose fulfillment as a mother and as a woman, is complete.

This touching story could not have been that moving and effectual, if not for the sterling creative elements that made “Divet” stand out, particularly that piercing narrative and script, and of course the periodic production design that is quite faithful to the era depicted.

But the most impressive factor is actually the lead actress, Pokwang, who shone magnificently in this dramatic outing—in fact, her best ever! With the way she delivered the emotive sequences, either verbal or non-verbal, was very striking and remarkable. It again proves how comedians or comediennes prove to be the best dramatic actors if given the chance.

Netizens were likewise astonished…