REVIEW: MMK Bangketa shows no amount of hardship can stop us from succeeding- Part 4


REVIEW MMK Bangketa shows no amount of hardship can stop us from succeeding Part 4 1

And this fervent heart and determined mind has now led her to the pinnacle, despite all the hardship and the trials she underwent, as she marched on the graduation stage really earning, deserving, and holding aloft the diploma she would use to help Sallie and a remorseful Tabong to attain a better life.

Her inspiration has then been widely shared on social media, cresting with an exhibit in which Naning’s photos taken by the documentary photographer were on display. Naning graced the exhibit and met a lady she inspired. The woman said Naning’s story taught her not to be distracted by any setbacks or obstacles in the pursuit of their dreams but remain focused on attaining them, no matter what.

Emotional lift

REVIEW MMK Bangketa shows no amount of hardship can stop us from succeeding Part 4 2

Anyone would get an emotional lift with how the story was told. From how the depiction was splendidly accurate and identifiable—using the actual location in the streets of Quiapo where the real story unfolded to the admirable performances of the cast.

Raz dela Torre’s direction showed the rawness and the vivid portrayal of unfortunate yet inspiring characters in one poignant story of deliverance. It was utterly real and for most who watched it, even those scrambling for a view of a TV set in downtown Quiapo, could relate.

And, while we recognize the rise of Jane Oineza as a competent actress who made people fathom Naning’s incredible story, clearly the primary thespian who carried the show, drawing riveting empathy and inspiration from the audience is the acclaimed veteran actress Amy Austria. Her effortless portrayal of that caring and reassuring foster mother amidst all the misfortune and difficulties shows the exceptional, brilliant acting skill she has honed through the years, making people feel for her throughout the painstaking journey and feel overjoyed as her character is recognized as behind Naning’s success in finishing her studies.

But the best thing about MMK’s Bangketa is that we get the realize not only the rewards of attaining your heart’s desires through hard work and determination, but also achieving it without forgetting where we all come from, no matter how humbling or depressing it may be.

It brings success to its ultimate state: that of achieving a sense of fulfillment we will treasure forever.

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