REVIEW: MMK Bangketa shows no amount of hardship can stop us from succeeding- Part 2


REVIEW MMK Bangketa shows no amount of hardship can stop us from succeeding Part 2 1

Despite the harsh incidents, Naning persevered by studying on the street incessantly, even with a candlelight helping her read amid the darkness when the surrounding stores close shop for the day. And, after classes, Naning takes a side job as a saleslady in a street garments store while also helping Sallie in working in an eatery to help a now single breadwinner Sallie in making both ends meet.

But little did she know that someone was lurking in the background, not having any malicious intent but with a noble purpose. A documentary photographer (Juan Rodrigo) was observing Naning go about her everyday toil and took pictures of her studying on the street or selling dresses to patrons. He then approached Naning to introduce himself, and while Naning was cautious at first, she became appreciative of the photographer’s gesture to tell her story in pictures.

And, after attaining her next milestone of completing her high school studies, she voiced her intention to work full time instead to support Sallie and the now high school freshman Tabong (Celine Lim). But before Sallie could react, they meet the waiting supportive photographer, who informed them of good news.

Anonymous benefactor

REVIEW MMK Bangketa shows no amount of hardship can stop us from succeeding Part 2 2

He said that an anonymous benefactor he knew who learned about Naning’s story agreed to shoulder Naning’s college studies and allowed her to choose any course, with a generous allowance and living quarters. Both Naning and Sallie were left to tears with the generous support.

But even if financial support to finish her studies is assured, scourges in Naning’s difficult life has not waned.

Tabong ran away after Naning and Sallie confronted her when she was caught by her sister wasting time and money with peers at the mall. Tabong said she wanted to stop studying after finding out she was adopted and took Sallie and Naning to task for not telling her, and left their sidewalk home in haste after an enraged Naning slapped her for being an ingrate.

And, as she was about to take a shower in the communal bathroom, Naning caught a man peeping and wanted to put him in jail for the lascivious behavior. But as the man was apprehended and led to incarceration by barangay tanods, the offender and his mother begged for Naning’s forgiveness saying he was a sole breadwinner. While Naning still wanted the man to pay for his transgressions, Sallie spoke on her behalf to forgive the man and, out of pity, asked the arresting tanods to free him.

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