MMK “Korona” gives inspiring take on Pia Wurtzbach’s painful but triumphant journey

Perseverance, determination, confidence—three traits rarely seen in a person. Yet, these have proven to be that winning formula for unspeakable success.

The proof is Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, who despite painful ordeals throughout her life chose to overcome it all and reached the pinnacle of any girl’s dreams.

In MMK’s “Korona,” we witness Pia’s (Liza Soberano) painstaking journey, a big part of which had not been truly felt and experienced until we watched this riveting episode.

Bullied and scorned

She had been bullied and scorned as a child, but the biggest heartbreak of them all was that she had to deal with a philandering German father Klaus (Lee O’Brien), who she looked up to as her “kakampi,” her ally and tag team in her young life.

Pia even went the distance in concealing her father’s unfaithfulness to her mom Cheryl (Zsa Zsa Padilla) just to be with him. But all came to a shattering end when Klaus chose to leave their family and be with his mistress, who happened to be their family’s domestic helper.

She even saw him and his mistress together one last time while at a restaurant, and saw him leave without a word as she wept.

Traumatic experience

This traumatic experience stuck to her mind ever since, but despite that she had the courage to move on. Days turned brighter as a talent scout spotted her and offered her an opportunity to become a model. Because of her beauty, Pia showed she was a natural and had been become prominent in her newfound world.

It didn’t take long before a career in showbiz was beckoning. She was then called on to join ABS-CBN’s Talent Center as one of the promising young talents of the network. Pia was then cast in a youth oriented show K2BU opposite Bea Alonzo (Michelle Vito) and Angeline Aguilar (Heaven Peralejo).

Showbiz not for her

Reception to Pia was lukewarm, and had since been relegated to bit roles. But that didn’t stop her from trying to snare the limelight. But even though she really tried her best in joining auditions for that big break, Pia realized showbiz wasn’t for her.

Then, the unexpected happened. She was seen at a restaurant by beauty queen handlers, who were sure that they have discovered a future title holder. It was then she focused her attention to train for the Binibining Pilipinas pageant.

And, while she had exceled in training and was really a sure bet to victory in the yearly pageant, it turned out to be an uphill climb for Pia.

She didn’t succeed in capturing any crown in her first two years of joining the pageant, leaving detractors to disparage and mock her incessantly. These brickbats motivated her even more to join the pageant a third time in 2015, wherein she truly showed how much she was deserving of a title. With her grace, beauty, and intelligence she parlayed throughout the coronation night, Pia finally got her most awaited moment of glory—being crowned Bb. Pilipinas-Universe.

Momentous win

Despite this momentous win however, Pia still got the sneers and rubbish from Internet trolls who question her chances at the Miss Universe title, which for the past 42 years haven’t been brought home to the Philippines. But again, her perseverance, determination, and confidence did not fail her. From the very start, she believed she can win.

And on that fateful night in December 2015, Pia proved to all and sundry that she was the most beautiful woman in the universe.

The episode was superbly written and crafted to make audiences understand and feel Pia’s impressive journey. With a script written by Benjamin Benson Logronio, the hurtful and heart-wrenching episodes in her life were well told that everyone who watched truly realized how much pain and sorrow she went through, and how she inspiringly overcame it, before achieving the glory we all shared as a nation.

Remarkable craft

Director Nuel C. Naval was again at his element in coming up a stirring narrative worthy of a larger-than-life story. Liza Soberano indeed gave justice and impressively personified the innate beauty and inner courage of Pia, as she showcased her remarkable craft as an actress.

And, Zsa Zsa Padilla was again that gem of an actress we all praised and admired through the years with her deeply felt portrayal as Cheryl. Her performance was incredibly natural and moving and made the episode even more extraordinary.

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