REVIEW: Irma, Agot get top acting plaudits in reverberating MMK “Passport” episode

The perils of human trafficking affects anyone, including those who have dedicated years of service in a profession we hold in high esteem—teaching. 

And, on MMK’s June 1 episode, “Passport,” such dangers are exposed at a blatant, harrowing manner given that perpetrators of such abuse are fellow Filipinos.

Nena (Irma Adlawan) has been well regarded and respected because of her devotion to the teaching profession for 32 years. Yet when she got into a business venture she thought would give her a better life, but her partner duped her and took all her hard-earned money.

Vicious human trafficking scheme

As she thought her plight was hopeless, Nena found an opportunity that would make her regain all the money she lost—a supposed high-paying caregiver job in the US.  But this opportunity turned out to be a vicious human trafficking scheme, and Nena was then forced to work for an abusive employer, Angela (Agot Isidro)—who among all people, is a kababayan.

Nena had been severely maltreated, such as being made to sleep beside the family dogs, and underpaid. And this led to utter desolation and misery.

Until she met an American girl Mindy (Alexa Ilacad), who not only gave her emotional support amid her ordeals but also became her source of strength with her words of encouragement. Since then, Nena had mustered the courage to wrangle her way out of her predicament. She would seek help from authorities, who would eventually rescue her from Angela’s clutches.


Nena now had the confidence to expose what she went through and bring Angela to justice, while Philippine officials assisted her in finding new means of livelihood.  She would then become an advocate against human trafficking, helping victims like her attain justice and recover from the horrific experience.

Simply put, this MMK episode offers the most exceptional dramatic ensemble performance in recent memory, with sheer superlatives deservingly given to the cast for their effortless, natural yet powerful portrayals. Nuel Naval’s direction really made that possible, complemented by stirring cinematography and camera work.

We are most awed by the way Irma Adlawan and Agot Isidro pushed the limits in their thespic craft to carve out performances for the ages.

Agot, who we all know as an effective and sympathetic protagonist from her previous dramatic outings, comes out unquestionably flawless in her infuriating and dreadful portrayal as an antagonist. Viewers deeply felt her vileness, which made their blood boil. 

Irma at her element

And Irma, who we all recognize as a versatile, multi-awarded actress, is at her element. She did not waste a second making everyone feel her pain and understand her excruciating journey. With how she sincerely and impressively personified her character, Irma firmly brought the inspiring story out with much impact, leaving an unforgettable, lasting mark in our minds.

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Netizens were likewise astonished.