Nash Aguas and Francis Magundayao impart lessons about love and forgiveness

Young stars Nash Aguas and Francis Magundayao will once again flex the acting skills sharpened through the years in the January 23 episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya

Titled “Forgiving Heart,” it follows the story of Nash’s character, Bert, who goes through a series of heartbreaking tragedies. He came to know God amid his ordeal but that’s when he also faced a bigger challenge – the test to forgive the people who hurt him including good friend Dodong played by Francis.

For Nash, this episode is a fitting reminder of love and gentleness especially at a time when hatred is easily spread on social media. He said animosity burns our connection with the Man above. And without God, the source of love, chaos happens.  

For Francis, an MMK guesting is a win-win situation. Not only he’s able to get a job, which he knows is a challenge nowadays, he’s also able to help the show inspire a lot of people, “MMK is always special kasi they always put a person na lovable, idadaan nila sa apoy, and you can’t help but root for that person.”

To translate a real story onscreen makes the honor much, much higher. Francis added that this episode magnifies forgiveness as the highest form of humanity. 

The former A Soldier’s Heart co-stars are learning to embrace the lock-in setup. They said working under the new normal is much organized and easy flowing. Safety protocols are strictly followed. Since health is a priority, the actors and crew are given enough time for rest which translates to more energy and focus on the next working day. The limited number of people on the set can be seen as a disadvantage but Nash and Francis look at it as an opportunity for teamwork.

It is said that former child stars, or ‘laking-showbiz’ as they are called, are wise beyond their years. Nash and Francis live up to this assumption.  Just asked about the lessons of 2020, the young actors had beefy answers. 

Nash talked about adaptability, relating how business owners like him faced the threats of the pandemic. He knows some people who managed to thrive amid the uncertainties, like a friend who continues to grow a baking business since the lockdown. “Nothing is permanent,” he said, that’s why we must always be malleable enough to learn and adjust to the changes.

Francis learned the value of patience. While most are eager to go out and live a normal life again despite the still on-going pandemic, he took the time to reflect and let the changes shape him into a better person. That’s why he was more at peace when called for work again. He felt like everything’s worth the wait. 

They got to spend the holidays with their family. It was intimate, less festive than the previous years but more meaningful than ever. Looking forward to the good things that 2021 will bring, Nash and Francis said they are hopeful about the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine in the country. 

Nash had to add that we have been more innovative, so he knows 2021 will be much easier to survive. Francis feels good about 2021 as well. After all, they are starting the year with an MMK guesting and he can’t wait for more possibilities for growth and opportunities in the next 11 months to come.