Learn the photography and styling hacks Elisse Joson used for Love from Home shoot

Amid the challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, even celebrities engage in online businesses to earn extra income while waiting for the entertainment industry to fully recover. Kapamilya actress Elisse Joson displays her beautiful sense of resilience by helping her family manage their food business. The Josons’ restaurant in Mandaluyong is temporarily closed due to the pandemic, so they decided to bring their cooking expertise in the online world instead.


While they’re exerting effort to constantly serve their customers with new flavors, Elisse embraced the fact that consumers are more careful with their hard-earned money and would rather prioritize essential goods. Nonetheless, Elisse would continue cooking homemade goodies until they expand their business outside the digital sphere again.


Besides helping her mom manage their business, Elisse fights the quarantine anxieties by taking care of plants and doing creative activities like painting.


This year is undoubtedly a dramatic and challenging one, thus Elisse finds it just the right time to flaunt her meaningful tattoos to her followers. She has always wanted to get inked since she was 16 but there’s a law in the United States, were they used to live, prohibiting minors from getting a tattoo.


Elisse has now a total of two body arts, and the second one was quite a secret to her mother. On her left ring finger is a lifeline tattoo. She recently unveiled another one on Instagram, an image of raindrops falling from a cloud, inked on her rib. “There’s always a rainbow after the rain,” reads her caption. She does not believe in the notion that tattoos are addicting, saying “it’s all in the mind.” Asked if she’s ready for her third tattoo, Elisse said she hasn’t thought of any design idea at the moment.


One more thing that Elisse’s fans looked forward to during this quarantine was her entry to the Star Magic’s Love from Home digital catalogue. The campaign is part of an effort to feed hungry Filipino families most affected by the pandemic, in partnership with the ABS-CBN Pantawid ng Pag-Ibig program.


Artists were tasked to produce their own photos in the comfort of their own home in a completely DIY style – no glam team, creative team, and professional photographers! To be able to create chill homey vibes, Elisse did not put too much drama on her photos. She wanted them simple and natural yet striking.


She settled for their garage and natural lighting. As tips to those who want to make IG-worthy portraits, Elisse said natural sun-kissed glow is achieved at 7 AM or 4PM. Her mom was there to act as her assistant. 


Elisse did her makeup with ease, with enough knowledge gained through watching video tutorials and asking questions from her makeup artists. She struggles in hair styling but still found the perfect trick. “Binasa ko na lang para hindi na ako mag-ayos,” she revealed.