First and Last Challenge with Miles Ocampo and Elmo Magalona

Miles Ocampo and Elmo Magalona graced ABS-CBN Entertainment’s Kapamilya Confessions wherein they also enthusiastically took on the “First and Last Challenge.”

Talking about their “firsts”, the two recalled their first-ever television exposures – Elmo in a musical variety show of another network, while Miles in a hotdog commercial. Aside from having his TV debut there, the actor had the chance to work with actress Barbie Forteza, who was his first-ever on-screen partner. Meanwhile, it can be recalled that it was Marco Gumabao for Miles when they got paired in the now-defunct youth-oriented sitcom Luv U.

When it comes to their first embarrassing moment that comes to mind, Elmo recounted that moment when his pants got ripped during an ASAP Natin ‘To production number for Mr. M’s (Johnny Manahan) birthday. For Miles, it was during the first day of classes on her freshman year as she entered the wrong classroom.

Meanwhile, both of them agreed that eyes are the first things that they look at a person as those could help them see if someone is sincere or not.

Moving on to their “lasts”, the two talented young stars related the last time they cried. For Elmo, it was during a dramatic scene for a project he recently worked on, while for Miles, who’s a self-confessed ‘iyakin’, it was when her mom reprimanded her last week.

They also agreed that their “family” are the last people they think about before going to bed and that the last messages they sent were regarding their Kapamilya Confessions guesting.

Apart from simply asking one another their “firsts” and “lasts”, they made their conversation more engaging by also throwing each other questions that were relevant to the topics, such as Miles quizzing Elmo about his daily routine after mentioning that he’s currently living all by himself in the midst of a pandemic.

Click on the video to see everything that went down in Elmo and Miles’ virtual fun chikahan!