Teacher proves that education is indeed the key to success in “MMK”

Witness how a young boy from an impoverished family persevered to become a highly respected educator in Negros Occidental and proved that education is indeed the key to a better future this Saturday (July 29) in “MMK.”

Early on, Roy (Yves Flores) was made to believe that life is a never-ending cycle of starvation and menial farming jobs alongside his parents and six siblings. But in his young mind, he knew there was more to life and that he could be better.

Given his family’s scarce resources, Roy saw education as his only hope to lift himself and his family from poverty. That is why he devoted his life to studying.

Little did he know that his parents would be the ones to hinder him from achieving his dreams. Instead of seeing education as an opportunity for him to change his life, Roy’s parents considered it more as a threat to the little money they already have. How did he manage to continue his ambitions of becoming a teacher?  

Joining Yves in this episode are Marco Masa, Nanding Josef, Lollie Mara, Isabel Granada, Shirley Fuentes, Brace Arquiza, Riva Quenery, Yñigo Delen, Marlo Mortel, Veyda Innoval, Nikki Gonzales, and Johan Santos. The episode is directed by Dado Lumibao and written by Joan Habana. “MMK” is led by Star Creatives COO Malou Santos.

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