REVIEW: MMK “Rattle”shows effectual depiction of family dealing with autism

Love for family transcends any ordeal.

And this holds true for one that faces the special condition of autism among its members. In celebration of World Autism Awareness Month, MMK told the story of Anna (Nikki Valdez) and June (Joross Gamboa) on how they dealt with the situation in the episode “Rattle.”


After being abandoned by her American GI father, Anna was adopted by foster mother Rose (Ruby Ruiz) and had since been residing in Manila. She would meet an adoptive cousin June (Joross Gamboa) with whom she fell in love and married.

Their first child, John Paul (JM Ibanez), had autism. While they had accepted such fate at first, they hoped their second child would turn out normal. But when Joshua (Simon Pineda) was born, it was discovered that he also had the same condition. 

While their third child, Judith, was spared from having the condition, their family encountered difficulties in dealing with having two autistic children under their care. The special children would face insults and teasing with which Anna would defend her kids intensely, and June eventually giving up on the struggles they faced as a family and would later cheat on Anna. 

Unconditional love

But despite this, Anna would remain dedicated to protecting her kids against discrimination and prejudice, and would fight for their family’s unity so they could face their problems and troubles as one. After June would change his ways and mend ties with Anne, they would show their unconditional love for family and became advocates for acceptance and understanding for children with special needs, especially those with autism.
The episode brings so much meaning through its creative execution of telling this wonderful narrative through the able direction of Frasco Mortiz. 

Joross Gamboa’s superb performance is noteworthy, and more dramatic roles should give justice to his exceptional acting chops.

Powerful portrayal

We are all awestruck with Nikki Valdez’s powerful portrayal of a mother faced with unspeakable ordeals—from protecting her autistic kids to battling the infidelity of her husband. Nikki proves her dramatic flair with great finesse in showing believability and intensity.

Netizens were also impressed and moved by its message.