REVIEW: Brenda Mage shows promising, natural talent in MMK “Kumevaloo”

In the heat of competitions during the Miss Q&A InterTALAKtic 2019 The Final Chukchak Vaklang Twooo, judge Charo Santos-Concio asked grand finalist Brenda Mage in the BalahKaJudge portion her more preferred title of a hypothetical MMK episode about her life.

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True enough, Brenda’s life story was indeed told on MMK, with the chosen title used, “Kumevaloo”.

In choosing the title, Brenda had detailed all the ordeals she went through, and that such an episode would inspire people to overcome that and reach their dreams.

And this was impressively told in the actual “Kumevaloo” episode aired last Saturday, April 13.

In his tale, Brenda or Bryan Tagarao, showed how he faced social adversity with the right outlook, particularly with his superb wit and sense of humor.  Growing up impoverished in Cagayan de Oro, Bryan (Awra Briguela) also experienced prejudice and discrimination as a gay person. Because of this, he found it hard to belong and gain acceptance in society.

Adding to that difficulty is dealing with a strict father Romeo (Bembol Roco), from whom he kept his true self.

Despite all the hardships he faced, Bryan still sacrificed for his family even at a tender age, as he stopped schooling just to make both ends meet.  He took odd jobs—from selling corn and hamburger sandwiches to working as a janitor.

Bryan grew up trying hard to feign masculinity just to impress relatives and friends. He, however, felt uncomfortable in not revealing who he truly is.

As he turned into adulthood, Bryan decided to embrace his real self and came out, and this started carrying his “Brenda Mage” persona.

Since then, Brenda would become an entertainer on theater, comedy bars, and even in indie films. He would then leave for Japan and work as a performer. He also was a popular vlogger, which allowed him to earn more for his family.

Brenda then had breaks left and right on the comedy bar circuit, which even increased his earnings so he could help his family as the sole breadwinner. This led to his long-desired acceptance of his true self by his mother and respect from his father who had passed on.

And on a climactic turn, Brenda would “invade” television as a contestant and finalist on It’s Showtime’s Miss Q&A InterTALAKtic 2019, in which he even garnered a worldwide following and gain bigtime entertainment opportunities.

MMK “Kumelavoo” fulfilled what Brenda truly wanted—become an inspiration. With brilliant creative elements backing the narrative, its reach in lifting the spirits of individuals who may have walked or are treading the same path as Brenda is certainly effective and cathartic.

Awra Briguela personified Brenda exceptionally, as he surely internalized his whole character thoroughly, even his humorous side, which has gotten much acclaim.

For his part, Brenda Mage already has the talent to make it big in the industry. The way he carried his own tale is very moving, with his naturalness and of course, irreparable wit leaves a lasting impression and never-ending guffaws.

As such, netizens were also touched.