Unexpected “kilig” tandems on MMK that thrilled us all

In the first quarter of 2019, we witnessed a lot of stories that inspired us to believe that true love does exist in this world that often seems so cruel. Some of those are episodes entitled “Journal”, “Pregnancy Test”, “White Ribbon”, “Lotion” and “Painting”. And aside from the abounding lessons we learned from those stories, it is undeniable that we felt elated with the great chemistry of the actors who played in those episodes.

As we can recall, the tandems in those five stories are clearly unexpected. It was the first time that the lead stars in those episodes have been paired with each other. Nevertheless, it is irrefutable how they gave justice to their role and how their newfound chemistry gave us the ultimate ‘kilig’ feels.

1. Barbie Imperial and Paulo Angeles in “Journal”

Barbie Imperial formed a love team with her leading man JM De Guzman called as “JuanBie” in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi in 2018. Thus, being paired with It’s Showtime’s Hashtag Paulo Angeles is truly surprising. Nevertheless, their tandem made us smile and cry in the story which showed that love is worth fighting for.

2. Ritz Azul and Ahron Villena in “Pregnancy Test”


Apart from the pressure of being paired for the first time, straight actors Ritz Azul and Ahron Villena were also challenged to portray characters from the LGBTQ community. Ahron played the gay ex-Pinoy Big Brother Otso housemate Mitch Talao, while Ritz played as Mich’s lesbian life partner, Dudz Ibanez. Their story told us that love should be unconditional, whatever the gender.

3. Janella Salvador and Kiko Estrada in “White Ribbon”

Making a comeback on doing love stories on TV, Janella was paired with the new Kapamilya actor Kiko Estrada. Their episode featured the love story of singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre and her husband Jason Marvin Hernandez. Putting God in the center of their relationship is the main lesson their moving real-life tale has taught us.

4. Mary Joy Apostol and Teejay Marquez in “Lotion”

Although we are used to seeing Mary Joy Apostol with Albie Casino in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos, her recent tandem with Teejay Marquez on MMK has truly made our hearts smile. In a story where Mary Joy played as the Crouzon Syndrome-afflicted Badette and Teejay played as her German husband Alex, we learned that love should see through the physical appearance of a person.

5. Elisse Joson and Kit Thompson in “Painting”

After her love team with McCoy De Leon ended, Elisse’s pairing with Kit in Maalaala Mo Kaya was well-received and showed us that love knows no physical appearance, particularly one’s built. Their episode featured the story of Mr. and Mrs. Jun Mark and Ancel Vasquez, the couple whose marriage proposal at El Nido, Palawan’s Big Lagoon went viral on social media.

These tandems prove that good onscreen chemistry can be achieved even with such new, surprising pairings. Watch out for more new exciting kilig team-ups in the next episodes of Maalaala Mo Kaya, Saturdays before Pinoy Big Brother Otso.