REVIEW: MMK “Pregnancy Test” illuminates extraordinary Mitch-Dudz love story

When two people find love, they forget themselves, face the biggest odds, and go great lengths to share life together.

At the onset, Dudz (Ritz Azul) and Mitch (Ahron Villena) were two individuals least expected to even co-exist. Dudz is a lesbian who grapples with a broken family, and worse having a mother, laden with an abusive live-in partner, who wouldn’t accept her uniqueness. Mitch, on the other hand, is a gay person who faces hurtful prejudice that lurks in society yet enjoys the acceptance and warmth of a loving family.

Yet they find something similar in their disparate lives as depicted on MMK’s “Pregnancy Test”—a longing to be loved and accepted given all the heartbreaks they faced.

And there came the spark—both filled in the gaps in their lives and made each other feel complete. 

Even if Mitch and Dudz found themselves inadequate and imperfect, they felt a love that was true and extraordinary.

Biggest test

What’s moving about their tale is how they overcame their personal differences and underwent a difficult journey to spend life together. And the biggest test was gaining the trust from one another, especially Dudz who lived a life of discord throughout her life.

It was captivating to witness the manly Dudz finding out the she was pregnant and bearing a child while the feminine Mitch struggling to become a breadwinner. They would forget themselves as they discovered the essentials of starting a family and, primarily being there for one another.

Life is certainly an arduous path ahead for this remarkable family, but with the incredible love they share, it seems nothing is impossible.  And with Dudz’s on-air marriage proposal to the now Pinoy Big Brother Otso adult housemate Mitch, a heartwarming future lies ahead.

This was a tale worth sharing given the complexities and hardships the two protagonists endured before unexpectedly finding true happiness with each other. And MMK made it even more touching with a finely written script that gave justice to Dudz and Mitch’s impeccable story.

FM Reyes’ direction brought the best out of every scene, particularly the actors—not only the main cast but the supporting players as well.

Huge impact

Even with their short scenes, Irma Adlawan and Lito Pimentel already made a huge impact with their believable and powerful portrayals as Dutz’s mom and Mitch’s dad, respectively, that puts their children’s challenging lives into context.

And of course, the intensity, the sincerity, and the credibility both Ritz Azul and Ahron Villena gave to their characterizations were bar none. They didn’t settle for an ordinary, conventional interpretation of their roles, they went beyond it and showed accurate, uninhibited portrayals of real LGBTQIA individuals seeking respect and acceptance on their road to forever.

Netizens were also affected…