REVIEW: MMK “Journal” etches touching love tale on everyone’s hearts

Nothing is more touching than witnessing true love among the young, most especially being faced with terrible ordeals that led to immeasurable sacrifices in just a few months of being together.

And this is definitely what we witnessed in the stirring and tender love story of Allanis (Barbie Imperial) and Hennesy (Paulo Angeles) in the MMK episode “Journal” on January 12.

While most youngsters view relationships as nothing but a mere lip service or a pleasurable feeling or consummation with just a kilig shoutout or a heart-eye emoji, there are those who really mean it and show it even as they say those “I love you’s” 200 times or more.

When Hennesy and Allanis connected, it came so natural, as if they were truly meant for each other. And it showed even from their initial encounters at school, until those giddy moments when they shared those heartfelt exchanges while chatting online. They made it formal after graduation, when Hennessy had the courage to admit his feelings for Allanis, even to the point of a traditional courtship asking her family’s permission, and her reciprocating what he felt.

And after agreeing to a first date hearing mass and visiting a museum, Allanis heard Hennesy’s 200th “I love you,” which became a sign for her to say yes to him.

What’s inspiring about their story is that the love they felt at this point never wavered, it only gathered strength and proved its genuineness. 

This is amidst a telling ordeal that befell them a few months after being together. Complications from medications for a previous illness had Allanis suffer from a chronic kidney ailment. And this made grapple with terrible pain, especially in her lower extremities. 

Such placed their young love to its most formidable challenge. Will they still hold on to each other even if it would entail an unspeakable amount of sacrifice? 

For Hennesy, it was never a question—he would never leave the love of his life, even at his own physical expense; having a gastro-intestinal illness of his own.

Hennesy would never cease caring for Allanis at her weakest. And when Allanis chose to continue studying despite her condition, Hennessy was just right there to assist his ailing girlfriend.

Yet it came to a point when Allanis just broke down as her condition worsened one day, and was rushed to the hospital fighting for her life.

After doctors still revived her from a cardiac arrest, Allanis lay comatose, only depending on a ventilator to stay alive and is diagnosed as “brain dead.” This devastated Hennesy, who still wanted to have Allanis alive yet faced with the reality that she could no longer survive.  And, with equally distraught parents allowing to turn off the respirator to end Allanis’ agony, she passed on leaving everyone in unbearable grief.

Hennessy would then receive a life-long memoir of the undying love he would treasure—Allanis’ journal that chronicled the love she felt for him, from those moments of innocent attraction to counting the 200 times he said “I love you,” until the touching proof during those times of torment and suffering, he truly meant it. 

The episode is one superb start for MMK in 2019 as it etched such a moving narrative on audiences’ hearts and made them well up with tears.  As the story was inherently touching, the presentation even made it even more resounding with world-class cinematic elements, including breathtaking camera work, production design, and realistic scenery. Direk Ted Boborol again made his mark as one who masterfully makes use of such impressive creative elements.

But we are most impressed with the way Paulo Angeles and Barbie Imperial outdid themselves in portraying these genuine yet star-crossed lovers. Paulo was so charming and believable in his very natural depiction of Hennesy whose love for Allanis knows no bounds. Barbie, on the other hand, continues her streak in her emergence as a bankable versatile actress, as she gives yet another heartfelt and stirring portrayal of Allanis.

And, Rosanna Roces also wowed us with how she brilliantly portrayed Allanis’ mother Christine, with her utmost intensity and sincerity in taking on the role.

Netizens were also moved by this poignant tale.