REVIEW: Jolina showcases acting versatility in horror-infused MMK “Third Eye”

Having the gift of seeing beyond normal perception can be either a blessing or a curse.

For Peachie (Jolina Magdangal), it became a mix of both—with her “third eye” giving her the greatest scares seeing ghosts in her dreams yet having that special ability to communicate with those who have passed on, and help those they have left behind.

Extra-sensory abilities

Despite her despair of even foreseeing the deaths of her loved ones, initially her grandmother, Peachie would hone her extra-sensory abilities of seeing the paranormal by joining the Spirit Questors, a group similarly gifted individuals.

And here she would join the group’s adventures in seeking answers to questions left by paranormal phenomena. Here she would meet Pryst (Victor Silayan) with whom she would even foresee their romance.

It came true, as a Pryst became supporting and loving boyfriend, and they eventually became husband and wife with a daughter.

Yet one particular foresight was something that deeply troubled her—seeing her beloved father (Robert Sena) in a coffin. And this indeed led to his affliction with lung cancer and passed on. This led to utter grief, and led her to blame herself for his death for not informing him of her premonition.

Unacceptable foresight

But there was one particular vision he could not bear. After she had a slip of the tongue that Pryst would only live up to age 40, she would again see that coffin bearing her husband, as he suffered a heart attack. This foresight she could not accept, and hoped it would not come to fruition.

And here she stormed the heavens, and even if she had the gift of predicting the worst, she wanted to be proved wrong.  Then, her prayers were answered, as Pryst fully recovered from his heart ailment.

This showed how her sixth sense would defer to the power of faith, and that gift had since become an instrument to do good; a blessing that allows her to help troubled spirits to real peace.

Noteworthy departure

This MMK episode, “Third Eye,” showed a noteworthy departure from the usual offerings of the longest running drama anthology in the country. While it still showed the genuine, unconditional value of love for family and immeasurable strength of the human spirit, it embarked on the chills and thrills of the horror genre to put the message across.

Acclaimed horror filmmaker Topel Lee was certainly at his element, carving out scenes that definitely brought out the earsplitting screams—from those creepy sound effects to the hair-raising lighting design. Yet the storytelling was tight and intact amidst the scares, touching viewers with its narrative.

We commend the exceptional performances of Robert Sena, Victor Silayan and Isay Alvarez, who played Peachie’s mom in the story. The depth and intensity of their depictions moved us.

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But most of all, MMK “Third Eye” made Jolina Magdangal impressively effective in portraying raw emotion under challenging circumstances in one of her rare appearances headlining a horror drama. It showcased her versatility, more than ever, in brilliantly portraying any role in any genre.

Netizens were also thrilled.