REVIEW: Vivoree, CK are dramatic revelations in MMK “Choir”

When you love someone wholeheartedly and completely, no heartbreak or ordeal could pull you apart from that significant other.

Not even the worst scourge of unfaithfulness could stop you from forgiving, especially when you know that the love you share is true. In the MMK episode “Choir” last June 29, you’d witness the best of what love can offer from the worst difficulties it brings.

Reality of love

When Jenny (Vivoree Esclito) met Jan-Luis (Charles Kieron) at school and eventually became part of a church choir, it seemed she had witnessed and felt the harmony and beauty of a fairy tale love story. But it didn’t take long before Jenny realized that her feelings for Jan-Luis was overwhelmed by the reality of love—a sordid tale of hurt and despair.

She would experience being used and cheated on, thrown off like a bridge to court another girl, and because of these, the pain really went to her core.

Yet Jenny still endured the hurt and hoped that this fairy tale was still she what she expected. When Jan-Luis since had fallen for her and she reciprocated it, and they became a couple, Jenny’s ordeals didn’t stop as he two-timed her once more, leading her to fall desolate.

She would eventually learn from her mom (Valerie Concepcion), who discovered her weeping at their living room, that pain is part of being in love, and in deciding to continue or move on from a relationship, she must consider if she can endure life with or without him.

Unwavering love

And, despite suffering a great amount of heartache and giving a several “second chances” to the boy she loved, Jenny knew she still had to forgive the now sincerely repentant Jan-Luis. Since then, he was sure of his feelings for the unwavering love that Jenny gave him, and had since would not let go.

But the troubles didn’t end as their relationship became out in the open, with Jenny’s parents accepting it reluctantly since they didn’t have a choice, it came to a head when Jenny chose to sleep over at Jan-Luis’s house after a choir practice that ended late.  After their night together, Jenny and Jan-Luis’s young romance would bear fruit, and Jenny would soon become pregnant.

When she tearfully asked for her mom’s forgiveness, the latter did remind her the “million times” she warned her about this eventuality, but vowed to her that she’s support her and correct the mistakes done. And, after a dialogue of Jan-Luis’s relatives who took care of him after his mom died and his father had left him for another family, it was settled that they should get married.

Accepting their commitment

And, Jan-Luis accepted the responsibility and they walked down the aisle. They would soon accept their commitment to each other and their soon-to-be family despite their young age, and journey forth as one—even auditioning for Idol Philippines.

Yes, life continued to be difficult for them, but still it still seemed unthinkable without each other sharing a love so real and true.

Indeed, a heartwarming and touching story about love, though innocent at first became tried and tested as the challenges went on—a tale most of us can learn from. Thanks to the light and comforting mood and somber treatment of the story in the episode megged by direk John Lapus, viewers relate to every scene and burst of emotion that came true from these youngsters’ hearts.

We are so elated with the performance of the cast and we are delighted to see Valerie Concepcion once more in her not-so-typical role of a dedicated and upright mom. She showed much promise in portraying similar characters and the future, and this could be her rise to thespic prominence at this stage of her career.

Dramatic revelations

Another superb emergence was the charm, charisma, and dramatic flair of Charles “CK” Kieron, who should become one of the biggest male stars in the near future.  With more acting projects, we are sure CK will enter the top-level tiers of leading men in the country.

But the biggest dramatic revelation was Vivoree Esclito, who made a natural, well-internalized and deeply felt portrayal of a young woman learning and accepting the hurtful realities of love. No frame was wasted as she grippingly presented every ounce of emotion that really tugged our hearts. As we saw in this episode, Vivoree is made not only for cute, kilig onscreen moments but also for serious, intense dramatic scenes.

Netizens are also impressed.