TeenWeekPH 2015 gives teens the confidence to shape their future
Teens today need all the help they can get, as they face changes and challenges, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Self-esteem and personal care are vital for the current generation to overcome these changes, while forging the road to future success. And with them every step of the way is #TeenWeekPH, to empower them to start shaping their future.
Now on its third year, #TeenWeekPH is back and bigger than ever! As part of Uniliver’s Sustainable Living Plan, #TeenWeekPH aims to power up future-ready teens by giving them the confidence to shape their future.

Launched in 2013, #TeenWeekPH was created to empower teens to be the best they can be through workshops that focused on good personal hygiene and personal development, both of which lead to confidence. Over the past two years, #TeenWeekPH successfully improved teens' personal care and hygiene habits. In fact, sixty percent of teens who joined the program started taking better care of themselves by using personal care products. And those who were already using products, started using the products more regularly as part of their hygiene routine.

Beyond improving the hygiene habits of teens, #TeenWeekPH is proven to give a positive impact on the outlook of teens. Results from the survey conducted after the #TeenWeekPH show that the teens have become more confident and have clearer ambitions through the program.

Students' intent on pursuing higher education has increased by 18% after their participation in #TeenWeekPH. Students also said that they now think they have clearer dreams and ambitions because #TeenWeekPH made them believe in themselves. Lastly, after #TeenWeekPH, 28% more teens now believe that they are ready for the future. A simple tweet from Raneal (username: @iamrein22143) best captures the kind of impact #TeenWeekPH has had on teens: “@TeenweekPH, thanks for coming up with something that all the teens can relate to, I appreciate that you’re there for all the teens.”

Because of its contribution to the welfare of Filipino teens, the program has been recognized by national and international award-winning bodies such as the Anvil Awards, Tambuli Awards, and the Asian Marketing Effectiveness and Strategy Awards (AMES) in Singapore.

Recognizing the positive impact #TeenWeekPH has had on the youth, in 2015, it is expanding to more areas in Visayas and Mindanao, and a total of 125 public and private schools nationally for a week of edutainment programs. Tailored to teen-relevant themes per day, #MoveUpMonday tackles teen life and goal setting, with a poster-making activity while #TransformTuesday teaches teens to care for their skin with Pond's and Master. #WorkItWednesday encourages teens to build their talents and confidence, with challenges from Rexona. #ThinkBigThursday focuses on dreams and ambitions, with untangling limitless possibilities and nothing to hide workshops from Cream Silk and CLEAR. And on #FutureFriday, students will learn the importance of building lasting friendships and relationships in their teenage years.

Along with the daily edutainment modules, a series of videos that tackle different aspects of teen life, #TeenWeekPH also introduces Teen Talks, speeches given by informed and successful young men and women on topics such as self-esteem, talent and confidence, dreams and ambitions. Dubbed the Teen Council, speakers include basketball player and entrepreneur Chris Tiu, multi-awarded Filipina volleyball player Alyssa Valdez, and actor and dancer Enrique Gil, among others.

The weeklong workshops will culminate in #TeenWeekPH Fairs that will be held in key cities nationwide. Co-created by teens and for teens, the #TeenWeekPH Fairs are an opportunity for teens to showcase and test their confidence, as they experience a whole day of fun activities, booths, and performances by special guests.

#TeenWeekPH ultimately aims to teach teens the importance of proper hygiene and personal development, so they gain the confidence they need to take charge of their own future.

This Sunday, September 13, have a chat with Luv U stars Nash Aguas and Alexa Ilacad and learn how they got the confidence to shape their own future and follow their dreams. Log on to luvu.abs-cbn.com/chat at 5:30 PM.