Love Thy Chika: Zsa Zsa shows love, concern for daughters Karylle, Nicole and Zia

Zsa Zsa Padilla showed much concern and love for her three daughters in her online interview with Ruffa Gutierrez on Love Thy Chika” on Sunday, June 28.

Zsa Zsa said she only wishes Karylle, Nicole, and Zia good health, especially good mental health amidst the changing times, happiness, and offers her availability anytime for anything they would need.

She further said that she always aspired to be a “cool mother” to her daughters who they can easily open up or talk to.

The Divine Diva added that even if they are living independent lives, “Hindi mawawala ang pagiging mother mo. Palagi kang mag-woworry sa anak mo,” she said.

The ASAP artist revealed a recent ordeal when Nicole had complained of irregularly fast heartbeats that prompted her to immediately rush her daughter to the hospital last month.

She said the hardest part was containing her emotions at the time, as doctors were treating Nicole of “thyroid storms” that caused her fever, fast heart rates, and breathing problems. When she first learned that Nicole was about to be brought to the ICU, she excused herself, went to a nearby restroom, broke down, cried and prayed hard.

Fortunately, when she returned to the Emergency Room, the doctors told her that Nicole was in stable condition and was responding to medications. Nicole was then admitted to a regular room.

Zsa Zsa said Nicole was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthryroidism or an overactive thyroid. Because of this, she added, Nicole is not able to expose herself much to the elements, even just going out to the grocery store.  Further treatment, which she said Nicole should decide to undergo, is either radiation or surgery. But currently, Nicole is continuing her medication.

Even as they faced this torment, the Love Thy Woman actress was still happy that her entire family, especially her daughters, would come together and support one another.

Since the quarantine started, Zsa Zsa said she would do workout routines and do a lot of housework with current partner, businessman Conrad Onglao. Asked how she would see herself in five years, Zsa Zsa said she would concentrate more on their farm and bed and breakfast businesses.

She would also leave a touching statement about her late partner, Comedy King Dolphy: “He’s always in my heart and I feel his presence all the time. Kahit nag-pass on na siya, all I have to do is call his name. All I have to do is think about him and he is around me. So I feel in my heart, he’s my soulmate talaga. Soulmate mo kahit nauna na siya sa’yo, nandoon pa rin siya sa puso mo.”

Catch more of this wonderful interview with Zsa Zsa Padilla in this episode of “Love Thy Chika on OKS.abs-cbn.com.