Yam Concepcion reveals Love Thy Woman cast’s off-cam secrets

The countdown to the Love Thy Woman finale begins. The clash among the three Wong families has gotten more explosive as the truth gets slowly unravelled.

As we anticipate who among the feisty female leads get to keep the throne, here is an exciting ‘bukingan’ session courtesy of Yam Concepcion aka Dana Wong. The most shocking secrets on the Love Thy Woman set revealed!

We always see the cast ensemble get into heated arguments on-camera. But as soon as the reels stop rolling, everyone is back to their real goofy personas. Food trips make taping days more festive. Thanks to Ruffa Gutierrez and her generosity, the bunch is always spoiled with edibles aka ‘ayuda.’ Tummies get happier when there’s a birthday celebrator on the set. 

The clashes do not extend beyond takes, of course. The cast’s off-cam activities are well-documented, thanks to Kim Chiu’s love for taking photos. Social media is likewise the best way to immortalize their behind-the-scene activities. Yam said that MJ Cayabyab and the show’s roster of millennials like Chie Filomeno are fond of taking TikTok videos during break time.

Xian Lim is the group’s master of pranks and jokes, and also the most close-fisted of them all. The endless ‘chismisan’ and joke time make the shooting atmosphere more alive. The same topics are discussed in their group chat. Ruffa is crowned as the life of the set or the ‘pinakamaingay.’

Although she can keep up with her younger co-stars’ frenzy, Eula Valdes is the bunch’s sleepyhead. “Si Ms. Eula, kaya niya matulog kahit saan, kahit sa upuan,” Yam revealed. Sweethearts Kim Chiu and Xian Lim are the clingiest ones on the set. David Chua is often seen talking on the phone.

According to Yam, everyone strictly adheres to the etiquette of being on time. No one gets late. The show’s directors are the earliest to report on location.

If bloopers are tallied, Yam and Xian had the most number of times they forgot their lines. Newcomer Karl Gabriel is that one cast member often scolded by their director.

The Love Thy Woman cast ensemble is a replica of a true family. It is no doubt that their genuine camaraderie helped them mount one of the most successful teleseryes in the history of Philippine TV.

Now that the drama extravaganza is about to come to an exciting close, watch out who among Kim Chiu, Yam Concepcion, Eula Valdez, Sunshine Cruz, and Ruffa Gutierrez will be the last woman standing in Love Thy Woman on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live.