Viewers emotional, frantic over intense gigil scenes of Dana on Love Thy Woman

Intense and gripping scenes in Love Thy Woman truly made its mark in the eyes, hearts and minds of viewers and netizens.

As we see in this montage of reactions of people who watched the most powerful, provocative, and gigil-inducing scenes that made Love Thy Woman widely discussed and trending.

These scenes centered on Jia (Kim Chiu) and her difficult burden of pursuing her affair with David (Xian Lim) as she confesses her feelings and reveals to David’s wife Dana (Yam Concepcion) about their relationship and the truth behind her biological son Michael (JJ Quilantang). This led to more confrontations and arguments from the ladies’ room to the workplace. Here we see viewers flustered, emotional, and agitated over what was transpiring, as they seem to be rooting for Dana in castigating Jia over her actions. It shows how Filipinos reject extra-marital relationships whatever the underlying circumstances may be.

But what really brought them to the edge of their seats was the brilliant, lofty standard of thespic craft the actors showed, especially the way Yam has turned out to be a respected, admired actress in an antagonist role. Even if she might have gone overboard with her fury, Yam still commanded the adulation of the viewers who interestingly cheered her on.

Kim also gave her dramatic best in these scenes, leaving those who watched her affected by her every move as she tries to recover from the hurt caused by the illicit love she shared with Xian’s character. However, despite her efforts, it seemed the viewers could not commiserate.

Amidst it all, we all see how Love Thy Woman really commanded viewers’ attention due to its impeccable, intriguing story that continues to shock and awe, leaving viewers gritting their teeth in each scene.

See how viewers reacted to those insanely impactful scenes in Love Thy Woman in this video.

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