Kapamilya React: Viewers applaud memorable scenes from Love Thy Woman finale

Viewers showed their overwhelming appreciation for the touching and memorable conclusion of Love Thy Woman the past week.


REVIEW: Forgiveness, family prevail in Love Thy Woman’s touching, unforgettable finale


In this montage of unforgettable scenes from Love Thy Woman’s final episodes on Kapamilya React, we witnessed our avid viewers’ honest, raw reactions to all that transpired onscreen.

They all cheered Kai (Sunshine Cruz) on when she finally charged and confronted Lucy (Eula Valdes) over their never ending squabbles, as they encouraged her to fight her tormentor till the end and even take her to court for all the trouble she has caused.

On the next scene when Jia (Kim Chiu) gave Dana (Yam Concepcion) a thunderous slap on the face for claiming she had been so desperate to have David (Xian Lim) for her own, viewers supported Jia as they observed that she really hit Dana that strong, making her seemingly lose her concentration a bit. They even urged her to do it again!

And in the episode’s tragic scene wherein David is killed by one of Lucy’s cohorts after sacrificing his life to save Jia and Dana, viewers were expectedly heartbroken and sad with the turn of events. They would also honor Jia for her selflessness as well, since she also tried to save Dana’s life even if she was also in grave danger.

While we all know how David caused the rift between the half-sisters, his ultimate sacrifice would eventually lead to Jia and Dana’s reconciliation, after the former asked the latter’s forgiveness for the once illicit affair they had. And this pleased viewers who would comment that sisters and family should always understand and forgive each other no matter what. 

And they were even more ecstatic to see Jia and Dana on the same side, facing a new life together as allies. For the viewers, it’s a pretty, inspiring sight to see how two fiercest rivals with the bitter grudges would bury their hatchets and start over as true sisters,

Indeed, a satisfying, glorious end to a wonderful series in the eyes of avid viewers!