10 scenes of how Adam still became a responsible husband and father in Love Thy Woman

As the Wong patriarch, Adam (Christopher de Leon) is certainly not blameless. He also made mistakes such as by having affairs with different women in the past, leading in his unconventional family set-up. But despite his imperfections, what matters is his willingness to fulfil his role as a father and husband. In this Kapamilya Toplist, we round up the scenes where Adam tried his best to protect his loved ones under a canopy of compassion and loyalty in Love thy Woman.

When his eldest daughter Dana (Yam Concepcion) got pregnant out of wedlock, Adam made a stand to support her as she embarked on a new journey. His approach was a stark contrast to that of Lucy (Eula Valdez)’s style of giving Dana a taste of punishment. For Adam, the surprising turn of events didn’t have to destroy Dana’s future but it rather pushed him to make bigger plans for her and the child. “Let’s not dwell on what went wrong. Let’s focus on what to do next,” he said while soothing Dana and Lucy’s worries. 

Being a grandpa has even inspired Adam to make the most of each given moment, realizing that time flies so fast and he spent most of his hours on work obligations. “We can’t bring back the time but we can always make a better next time. We still have a lifetime to share,” he uttered as the scene ended with a heartwarming father-daughter embrace.

Viewers were moved when the business magnate known as a paragon of unyielding strength cried in private after seeing Dana in comatose. And when it was Jia (Kim Chiu)’s turn to suffer from an illness, Adam showered her with the same amount of compassion. He encouraged Jia, certain that she will manage to survive from cancer. If he could, he would spend each mealtime with Jia eating their favorite sinigang dish.

Adam will give anything that makes his daughters happy just as he will never want to see them defeated and sad. This same parenting principle is what he would like to see from Dana, when he told her to allow Michael (JJ Quilantang) spend time with David (Xian Lim) if doing so would please the child.

But now that there’s a growing conflict between his two families, will Adam’s sense of fairness and compassion help resolve the discord? Don’t miss the next episodes of Love thy Woman on the Kapamilya Channel.