SAVAGE SLAY or BURN:  7 “palaban” moments of Jia Wong on Love Thy Woman

There’s definitely no doubt that Jia Wong, impeccably portrayed by Kim Chiu, is among the most admired characters in the well-loved afternoon soap opera Love Thy Woman because of how she became the epitome of a strong, independent woman that everyone should look up to.

From being that meek, lenient, and reticent lady who simply accepted everything that her loved ones and universe gave or do to her even though it’s already detrimental to her, we’ve witnessed how she evolved into a femme fatale who has defended herself and fought for what she knows is right and just.

Thus, in this episode of ABS-CBN Official Facebook’s Kapamilya Reel, let’s take a look back on seven of the most “palaban” moments of Jia on the show and ranked each one according to what is “Savage”, “Slay”, or “Burn”.

Avid viewers of the drama series arguably couldn’t help but be astonished with how she’s gone fierce when it comes to confronting the people who have belittled, harassed, and crossed her, particularly the legitimate wife and daughter of her Daddy Adam (Christopher de Leon), Lucy and Dana, incredibly played by Eula Valdes and Yam Concepcion.

She used to keep mum every time they hurl snide remarks at her, but Jia has learned to rebut and be savage to them as well. This was when Lucy told her that Adam was just compelled to collaborate with her own company since she’s his daughter, when she’s able to unintentionally have Dana fess up with her drama, and when she confronted Amanda del Mundo (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Dana after they robbed her of her design that one of their clients loved.

Meanwhile, she made our mouths agape when she refused to pick a fight with her Achi Dana when she insulted her and attempted to slap her in one of their chance encounters. She also wasn’t able to contain her anger when Dana alleged she was snooping in the life of her son Michael (JJ Quilantang) and wished her dead while suffering from cancer.

And, of course, who would forget those moments when she blew our minds with how she figuratively burned her Achi Dana (again) and her Daddy Adam with her heart-piercing words and thought-provoking clapbacks in her separate heated arguments with them. She fought back when Dana attacked her and threatened to tell the whole company about her immoral deeds, as well as when their dad told her to not be selfish and just let Michael be under the care of Dana.

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