Ruffa reveals heartwarming sides as daughter, sister, mother, and first-time cook on Love Thy Chika

In the past eight episodes of “Love Thy Chika,” host Ruffa Gutierrez interviewed her co-stars from the teleserye Love Thy Woman, now it’s her turn to be placed on the hot seat, with none other than beloved brother Raymond Gutierrez interviewing her.

Raymond was first intrigued about the most recent Instagram photos of his Ate Ruffa that showed her in the kitchen. Raymond said he was shocked since he always believed the kitchen was the last place he would see his big sister. Ruffa did not deny it but she admitted that the quarantine made it possible for her to enjoy spending time in the kitchen. She actually showed her own recipes like her first-ever dish, the “Ruffa’s Lemony Garlic Chicken.” In her Instagram caption, she said that her daughter actually approved it! She also told Raymond she now wants to learn how to cook Filipino food.

Ruffa then talked about how it was growing up as the eldest among the Gutierrez siblings and taking care of her brothers. She said she was actually the one who changed the diapers of her brothers. And she admitted they all helped each other during that time when they were still living in the United States. Ruffa shared that she suggested to their parents Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama to have her brothers Richard, Raymond, and Elvis, just live the normal, private, non-showbiz life in the States, wherein people would just accept them for who they are and not as celebrities. She admitted living in the US gave her fondest memories with their family. At that time when there was no social media or much fanfare, Ruffa said she would spend most of her time going to the park with her dogs and doing some outdoor activities that did not require the use of gadgets.

In terms of career, Ruffa has actually done almost everything, from being a teen idol and a beauty queen to being an actress and a producer. And she said if there’s something new and different she would want to try out, it’s being part of an indie film. Although Raymond said he actually couldn’t imagine her sister playing a role in an indie film, Ruffa said she actually wants the heavy drama vibes where she can play the role that requires no makeup, or a character that’s being maltreated in the film.

Raymond told his Ate Ruffa how he admires her for being such a strong person especially during the early days when they would often be faced with controversies. And when Raymond asked her where she gets her strength, Ruffa immediately answered it’s from their mom Annabelle. Both Ruffa and Raymond could attest how strong their mom is despite all the problems that come their way and despite her huge responsibilities as a mother. Ruffa and Annabelle may have had a lot of misunderstandings but Ruffa said she will always credit her mom for guiding her all throughout and for providing her the discipline that she needed as a person.

And as a mother to two beautiful ladies, Lorin and Venice, Ruffa just hopes they’ll grow up to be God-fearing individuals so that they can always choose to make good decisions in their lives. Also, Ruffa said her ultimate dream is for her kids to finish their studies.

Watch more of Ruffa’s enlightening interview with brother Raymond in this episode of Love Thy Chika.”

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