Ruffa Gutierrez exposes some ‘set secrets’ of the Love Thy Woman fam!

Now that Love Thy Woman is on its finale week, we recently caught up with one of its main cast Ruffa Gutierrez to ask some set secrets that avid viewers would probably want to know.

The Kapamilya actress, who impressively portrays the antagonistic and cunning Amanda del Mundo, enthusiastically exposed “who’s who” among her castmates, as well as some of the things they do and talk about behind-the-scenes and even on their online group chat!

Ruffa proudly bared herself as the clingiest as she always wanted to be surrounded by people and have someone to talk to on-and-off-cam. She was also the one who is fond of bringing food to the set as she shares the food delivered to her by small food businesses to everyone and never forgot to take pictures of those, too, as a way of showing her support! When it comes to snapping the most selfies, she confessed that it’s a close bout between her and Yam Concepcion, who plays Dana Wong,

She tagged Xian Lim (a.k.a. David Chao) as the sleepyhead, while his on-and-off-screen sweetheart Kim Chiu (a.k.a. Jia Wong) as the most vivacious and most talkative among their pack. The Chinita Princess was also among the cast members who are into Tiktok, especially every time they were on break.

Since Yam is currently in a long-distance relationship with her fiancé, Ruffa named her as the one who’s always on the phone as she had to talk with him via FaceTime. She also pointed at the boys as the resident pranksters of the Love Thy Woman family.

As all of them have a huge appetite, she revealed that everyone is also generous in bringing food that they could share and feast on set. All of them are also professional, thus, nobody comes late and unprepared. However, she recounted that her on-screen son Karl Gabriel (who plays Gabriel del Mundo) used to be berated by Direk Andoy Ranay as he often forgot his lines in the earlier days of their filming.

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