Love Thy Chika: Eula Valdez on handling her worst moments—“Iniiyakan ko ay aking anak”


Indie actor Miguel Valdez said when asked by host Ruffa Gutierrez on how does he makes his mom Eula Valdez happy, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown.

In this episode of “Love Thy Chika on Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS) on Sunday, May 24, Miguel would further say that he would never make mommy Eula feel alone at any time.

The Love Thy Woman actress revealed she would always reach out to people whenever she longs for company, since during those times of personal despair, she said she would try not to dwell on the matter too much and approach companions in the same place where she’s at or call friends or family.

But during the ECQ, she said she only had only one person to rely on for strength and comfort—her son, Miguel.

Eula, who appeared in the episode with Miguel via video chat, said her beloved son has always been her shoulder to cry on in times of sadness and misery. “Ang iniiyakan ko ay ang aking anak,” Eula said. “Ang anak kasi hindi ka iiwanan, kahit anong mangyari.”

Miguel said he has always been there whenever she needs him. He said in keeping his mom company, “Kuwentuhan kami, patugtog ako ng songs na gusto niya.”        

“Through thick and thin,” Miguel said, detailing how he is always there to support, strengthen and keep her mom company in her most painful ordeals, especially those times she got separated from his dad Ronnie Quizon and estranged husband Richard Litonjua.

On Eula’s longtime relationship with model and part-time actor Rocky Salumbides, Miguel first thought, “Ayoko na ng pangatlong tatay.” But he said he realized the value of companionship when he himself began dating, and this made him relent and accept her relationship with Rocky.

When asked what advice she could offer her son on handling relationships, Eula stressed that partners should always enjoy each other’s company, even if they have nothing to say. What’s important, she said, “Nae-enjoy niyo ang presence.”

As a budding actor himself, Miguel takes a lot of helpful pointers from the veteran Eula, including those times they starred together in the independent film “Paki,” wherein he would run to her for guidance in some scenes.

Eula said she would always tell him to always stay ‘true to his feelings” whenever he acts.

Watch more of this endearing bond of mommy Eula and son Miguel in this episode of “Love Thy Chika.”

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