Kim Chiu shares sneak peek of Love Thy Woman’s ‘new normal taping’ on latest vlog

As everyone is expected to abide by the ‘new normal’ now that we’re in the midst of a pandemic, so are the television and movie productions that are eager to continue filming and delivering new episodes to the viewers, such as Love Thy Woman.

Thus, in the latest vlog she uploaded on her YouTube channel, Kim Chiu, who impeccably plays main character Jia Wong, let us take a peek on what her routine usually is for the afternoon soap opera’s ‘new normal’ tapings. She commenced the video by greeting everyone after she woke up around five in the morning and had her breakfast in her hotel room.

As soon as she finished her breakfast, she began putting on her makeup with the help of her Ate Haidee and packed her food for that day’s taping, comprised of Spanish bread for breakfast, rice and adobo for lunch, and egg sandwich for merienda. She also prepared lasagna for her Ate Haidee and brought extra rice for her on-and-off-screen sweetheart Xian Lim.

At exactly 6:30 am, they were already on their way to the location, making sure that they observed all the health protocols mandated by the government. As soon as they arrived around 7:00 am, Kim prepared all the stuff she would need for the whole day, which includes her makeup kit, clothes, footwear, and her script, inside her sanitized tent. The team started the day with a prayer.

We later on found her in a different location and so shy in delivering her vlog spiels as veteran actress Eula Valdes was watching her. The Chinita Princess also showed us glimpses of what they usually do during their break times for lunch and merienda.

 After accomplishing all the scenes they had to shoot that day, everyone packed all their belongings and other equipment, with Kim being the last one to finish hers, thus one of her companions teased her of being the “Big Winner” for being the last one to leave. Xian volunteered to carry her bags until they reached the parking lot.

As soon as she arrived at her hotel room, Kim immediately washed the utensils she used, then proceeded on doing some workouts that consist of one and a half hours of cardio exercise and 30 minutes High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) while wearing a sauna suit jacket. Afterwards, she and her Ate Haidee prayed the Holy Rosary, then ate dinner with Xian, to whom she usually shares her food with. It was also him who washed the dishes before leaving her room.

Before going to sleep, she prepared her outfits for the next day’s taping and did her “homework”, which was to read and take down some notes for her script. Lastly, she talked about how the new normal tapings really felt different, but they have to get used to it. She also imparted how work doesn’t feel like actual work for her because she’s surrounded by people who have always been nice to her and promised all the Kapamilyas that they will continue providing quality entertainment for them.

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