Kim Chiu embraces independence during “Love thy Woman” lock-in tapings

We’ve seen celebrities including Kim Chiu take us on a tour of their houses and even customized vans. This time around, the Chinita Princess brings us to her  studio-type  room on the set of Love Thy Woman, thus giving us a glimpse of how artists still work in full swing while complying with stricter taping guidelines under this ‘new normal.’

The Love Thy Woman cast and crew underwent COVID-19 swab tests prior to the lock-in tapings. The set-up has been altered. The actors and actresses aren’t allowed to bring their personal assistants in order to limit the number of people on the set.   

On the brighter side, Kim finds this as the perfect opportunity to exercise her independence. In this vlog post, the Kapamilya actress shares how she manages to cook dinner, workout, and do all her essential routines without leaving her room.

She begins the tour by showing her character Jia Wong’s clothes and bags occupying the wardrobe. Underneath the closet is a huge gym bag. Kim makes sure to still complete her daily fitness regimen even while indoors. She had a stationary bike set up in a small space beside her bed. She also brought workout equipment like dumbbells and a yoga mat with her. Kim spends at least an hour for her post-taping exercises.

On one side of her bed rests an owl stuffed toy she fondly calls as ‘Owly.’ “Pag wala ako sa bahay, hindi ako nakakatulog nang wala si Owly,” she said. When tired from work, Kim’s ultimate stress buster is her electrically powered massage pillow bought online.

After taking a shower, Kim still has one important thing to do before hitting the sack – clean the beddings with a handy vacuum. The Kapamilya star is allergic to dust, thus the vacuum and air purifier inside her room.

Kim saved a space in her room for a mini altar where she prays the rosary every night. There’s also a vanity area where she does her make up. Kim’s folding table serves its purpose when she’s studying her script or taking her dinner.

A small nook serves as the kitchen area where the cooking tools like sandwich maker, rice cooker, pan, electric kettle, and butane stove are arranged. Kim made sure to stock up on food items like canned goods. Other grocery finds like sandwich spread, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and pickles are neatly stored in a box. Kim makes sure to never run out of supplies of health essentials like vitamins, bottles of water, disposable face masks, insect repellent lotion, and disinfectant alcohol.

Her clean bathroom also serves as the washing area, so don’t be surprised to spot some kitchen utensils by the sink. A believer of old traditions, Kim always keeps her toilet seat covered, “Kasi malas sa Chinese if it’s open,” she said.

Check out this video and let Kim give you a sneak peek of her ‘new normal’ buhay-artista!