5 hilarious confrontation scenes of Kai, Lucy, Amanda, Jia & Dana in Love Thy Woman

Apart from the gripping plot and oversized dramatic performances, Love Thy Woman got us all hooked due to the remarkable, scathing confrontation scenes among the female leads. The catfights are stuffed with fierce, witty back-and-forth set in the most unexpected places, to the point that they appear borderline hilarious. We love them so much they might just become a big part of Pinoy pop culture. As Love Thy Woman takes its final bow, here is a collection of the most entertaining confrontation scenes from the series.

There’s no stopping the feisty female characters from making a scene–not even death in the family. Lucy (Eula Valdez) and Dana (Yam Concepcion) taunted Jia (Kim Chiu) at their patriarch, Adam (Christopher de Leon)’s wake, leading to yet another brawl. Lucy wished Jia could’ve died instead, prompting the latter to unleash her inner lioness.

Lucy banned her husband’s other families from entering the Dragon Empire Builders’ premises. But even the no-entry rule did not halt a series of hullabaloo from happening. When Amanda tried to step inside the ‘war zone,’ Lucy made an elegant entrance and delivered, “Hindi naman zoo ang Dragon Empire Builders pero bakit kanina pa nagdadatingan ang mga hayop dito,” in a tone full of biting sarcasm. The fearsome madam tagged the loquacious Amanda as “megaphone” and “linta” then, once again dominated the word war.

Amanda once again tried to trespass, this time with her son Gab (Karl Gabriel) and the Estrellas to pay their respect for Manny (Mari Kaimo). Lucy blocked their way and declared, “My company, my rules.” The tactless Amanda accused Lucy of killing Manny, inviting a rapid jaw-breaking slap that landed onto her face.

Dana’s tongue is just as ruthless. She got it from her mama, we could say. In yet another attempt of Adam’s other families to step inside Dragon Empire, the witty Dana made a dramatic entrance, a signal to kick off the showdown. “Kahit magpa-confetti ka pa diyan ng kopya, this doesn’t prove anything,” she said, followed by a violent uproar between her and Kai (Sunshine Cruz). The commotion was punctuated by Lucy naming their rivals as “mga palengkera of 2020.”

While a copy of Adam’s Last Will and Testament remained missing, his three families battled it out in a long back-and-forth of witty sarcasm and replies. We loved how Lucy played puns on “end of the world” and Amanda del “Mundo.”

What was your favorite catfight scene from Love Thy Woman? Be sure to watch the finale episode later at 2:30 PM on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live.