10 most viewed linyahan in Love Thy Woman

After more than half a year of airing, surpassing major taping roadblocks, Love Thy Woman is ending on a high note. This success isn’t surprising at all, given the show’s interesting elements including the feisty back-and-forth. As we anticipate the Love Thy Woman finale, we present a collection of the most viewed ‘linyahan’ from the hit teleserye.

On top of the list is Dana (Yam Concepcion)’s embittered lines of jealousy. Despite being lauded for her strength and success and awarded with a prestigious recognition from Dragon Empire Builders, Dana was trapped in the painful past. She felt treated without fairness and out of raging desire for vendetta declared, “I deserve more from you. I deserve more from this.”

Dana struggled to move on from the hurt of betrayal. When she called up Jia and heard David (Xian Lim)’s voice in the background, the familiar sting of his infidelity stirred her anger. “Hindi ka pa rin ba natatapos sa kalandian mo, Jia?” she accused her half-sister.

The engrossing sibling rivalry would often extend to Dana and Jia’s workplace. During a meeting with Jia’s team, Dana was torn between her corporate obligations and mommy duties. Thus, Jia volunteered to help but her attempt just turned into humiliation. “Hindi mo kailangang sabihin kung ano ang kailangang mangyari dito,” Dana told Jia when the latter tried to solve the conflict.

In yet another scorching catfight over past issues, Dana used her ruthless tongue as a weapon against her husband’s ex-mistress, telling Jia, “Expert ka diyan, ‘di ba? Mang-aagaw ng asawa, anak, mana?” Pushed to her limits, Jia hinted at a piece of evidence against her nemesis. She clapped back, “Mapapahiya ka pa kaya o manhid ka na dahil sa kasamaan ng ugali mo?”

When Jia’s RJ&E Design merged with Dragon Empire Builders for a project, at Adam’s stern request, the fierce Lucy (Eula Valdez) found Jia’s confidence an eyesore. “Who do you think you are?” she confronted her husband’s bastard. Jia had a winning retort, rubbing in both camps’ cordial obligations. “Our brand must work as one. You harm my brand, you harm your brand, too.”

Amanda (Ruffa Gutierrez) made her own impact as well. Soaking in her victory, Amanda assured her son Gab (Karl Gabriel) that their inheritance is on the way. “Our 5 percent share of everything is already in the bag.”

An intense confrontation happened between Adam and his cheating son-in-law David when the latter went insisted to take Michael (JJ Quilantang) from the Wong mansion. Adam didn’t like the sound of David trying to appear like a responsible man. The Wong patriarch shouted at him, “Bulok naman ang pagkalalaki at pagkatao mo!”

Third to the last is Adam’s furious verdict over Lucy’s scheming acts. “Walang kapatawaran ang lahat ng ginawa mo. I had enough of your lies. Wala na akong tiwala sa’yo. Dahil sa kasamaang ginawa mo, mawawala ang lahat sa’yo.”

Here is another entry courtesy of the fascinating Amanda. Confident that she and Gab will take a hold of a portion of Adam’s riches, Amanda asked her son to savor their win. “Ang pakiramdam ng swerte at ang amoy ng hindi maubbos-ubos na kayamanan?” 

The list ends with a scene among the Wongs and the Estrellas outside the courtroom after Jia won custody for Michael. The queen of biting lines, Lucy, told Adam, “Walang katapusan ang pagsira ng babae at bastarda mo sa buhay namin, Adam.” Just as when we thought Dana is about to leave, she took a gun from her bag, pointed the weapon at the enemies and declared, “Hindi pa tapos ang laban!”

With this, how will the rivalry over love and riches end? Who will be the last woman standing? Don’t miss the nearing finale of Love Thy Woman on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live.