10 guilt-ridden moments of Gab as he witnesses his mother’s evil acts in Love Thy Woman

In a complex family setup where everyone is guilty of something, Gabriel Del Mundo (Karl Gabriel) had no options but to join in the chaos. While he has nothing but pure motives in his heart, Gab will be forced to connive with his mother despite his protest. As amity remains elusive in Love Thy Woman, here is a Kapamilya Toplist presenting Gab’s agitated, guilt-stricken moments as he deals with his mother’s greediness. 

Gab is the type of man who owns up to his, and even to others’ mistake. We have seen him apologize to Jia (Kim Chiu) on behalf of his mom Amanda after calling her a bastard. Gab was genuinely sorry and he even expressed his admiration over Adam (Christopher de Leon)’s success in raising his kids and building his empire. 

Gab was noticeably nervous when he met the Wong patriarch in the flesh. It would be revealed that he wasn’t only facing the chief of the Dragon Empire Builders at that time. But he was also finally talking to his biological father.

The revelation has gone more explosive when Gab underwent a DNA test to prove his relation to Adam, at Amanda’s bold insistence. He would rather not prove his identity, if he had a choice. He said his sole motive for entering the Dragon Empire Builders was to further his job experience. But his mother would insist and he knows he can’t stop her.  

Gab would many times try to become the voice of reason in Amanda’s life, although his opinion will never resonate in her. He would attempt to stop Amanda from making a scene at the Dragon Empire Builders on special occasions and even in ordinary days. However, Amanda remains untamed. 

The young man drowned in more guilt when the probe into Adam’s death started to deepen. Gab struggled with his conscience since then even if they were ‘innocent.’ Perennially fearful and agitated, he repeatedly tried to convince Amanda to leave instead of clashing against the Wongs, Estrellas, and the investigators head on. 

They booked a ticket to Thailand upon learning that all Dragon Empire Builders male employees were pinned as the suspect. They were supposed to escape, hoping their disappearance will save them from all the troubles. However, Amanda changed her mind and hatched yet another tactic to prove their innocence. Gab was told to shake the fear off yet he just couldn’t seem to soothe the nervousness.

In the recent episodes, Gab loses his freedom and the riches that were supposed to be his, upon the revelation that he isn’t truly Adam’s son. All these chaos and troubles, he got into because of his love for his mother. 

Will Gab still receive his redemption? Don’t miss the remaining episodes of Love Thy Woman on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live