REVIEW: Forgiveness, family prevail in Love Thy Woman’s touching, unforgettable finale

As dark clouds hovered the skies on Friday afternoon, tears were indeed flowing at the same as the “main women” and avid viewers of Love Thy Woman couldn’t help themselves from shedding tears as the well-loved soap opera reached its awe-inspiring conclusion on that same day, September 11.

With the last episode giving us intense feels through the tear-jerking scenes among their characters, Kim Chiu, Yam Concepcion, Eula Valdes and Sunshine Cruz also weren’t able to fight back their emotions as they looked back on their experiences while filming the series, particularly the finale, and how they felt now that it has come to its end, during the “Love Thy Chikahan” shown in each gap on Kapamilya Online Live.

Heartwarming, resolution-filled finale

The final episode commenced with Jia’s (Kim Chiu) breakdown moment inside her office as she reminisced her fondest memories with the love of his life David (Xian Lim), who unfortunately died after sacrificing his life to save her and her achi Dana (Yam Concepcion) from the henchman of Lucy (Eula Valdes), while she was crying and cradling a framed photograph of him on her chest.

Flashbacks of Dana’s lovely moments with her deceased ex-husband also appeared as she visited his grave and asked for his forgiveness for everything that she’d done wrong. Many of us found ourselves probably teary eyed and brokenhearted, too, in this scene, especially when she uttered the striking statement: “I loved you all my life, but I loved you the wrong way.” Ouch.

Lucy then entered the frame with a basket of flowers on her hand and tearfully approached her weeping daughter Dana. She apologized to her for letting her live a miserable life because of wrath, selfishness, and wickedness, which led to the tragic events in their family.

Making this finale more heartrending was her candid conversation with Kai (Sunshine Cruz), who she considered as her stiffest rival not just with her husband Adam (Christopher de Leon), but with his wealth as well. As she ingrained that mindset on her mind, Kai told Lucy that all along, it was actually her who he adored so much despite falling to an illicit affair with her.

Apparently, Lucy had also forgiven Kai even though she failed to show it in the past episodes as she told her in return, “You were never a mistake, you were his choice.” The latter assured the former that she’s already forgiven her and she completely understood that everything Lucy did was due to her wrath for the misdeed she and Adam committed. Kai also confessed that until the last breath of Adam, he was still thinking of Lucy as she pleaded her not to report Lucy to the authorities.

As Dana reached her hand to her sister and Jia returned it with a warm embrace as a sign of their reconciliation, everyone was shocked upon finding out that Lucy turned over herself to the police. Our hearts were further shattered as we witnessed her bidding farewell to her daughter Dana, reminding her to be kind, to take good care of herself and of everything that she and Adam bequeathed to her, to not be afraid to love again, to trust the family she’s going to be with while she’s away, and to let herself be happy because she owes it to herself. She gave Dana the jewelry she was wearing and went on to hug them one-by-one.

They may have lived a life full of chaos, wrath, and tears, sisters Dana and Jia proved to us in the last part of the finale that there’s no such thing as being late when it comes making changes in our lives and mending our broken relationships with our loved ones. They may saw one another as rivals in so many different things in the past, but the ties that have been binding them never got severed.

With Dana being the one who used to be hostile against her sister ever since they were kids, we were delighted to see that she’s the first one to hold the hand of Jia as they begin their new journey as each other’s closest ally and business partner in the merging of their successful companies.

Rave reviews from viewers

The turn of event in the Love Thy Woman finale may have garnered mixed reactions from the audiences, but there’s still majority of them who deeply appreciated how Dreamscape Entertainment and ABS-CBN were still able to pull off a satisfying conclusion that filled us with resolutions, emotions, and life lessons that are indeed very timely to what has been happening around us. As others find the last episode bitin, they are clamoring for the series to have a Book 2!

Besides, the netizens also heaped praises to the stellar ensemble of the teleserye who undoubtedly compelled us with their notable acting chops all throughout and with how the series has effectively depicted the value of forgiveness and family. Thus, it didn’t came as a surprise that #LTWLastWomanStanding made it to the Philippine top trending topics on Twitter. Here are some of the delighting tweets we spotted: