NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN COMPILATION: Team Love Thy Woman’s wackiest bloopers and funniest fails!

It’s been a month since the hit Kapamilya series Love Thy Woman bid us goodbye. So, if you miss the gang, here’s a compilation of their bloopers captured on the set to serve you good vibes, and maybe evoke a little sense of nostalgia as well!

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Apparently, it wasn’t always female brawls and intense emotions behind the scenes. There were tons of hilarious moments, too! When we talk about bloopers, flubbed lines would definitely make it to the list. Karl Gabriel, as Gab del Mundo, stuttered a lot when he introduced himself to Jia (Kim Chiu) and her team. MJ Cayabyab was so in character looking completely charmed by the stammering cute actor.



As the prominent Wong clan, the main actors are expected to deliver long lines in English. Sometimes, Kim Chiu finds it challenging. But she manages to smile at her blunders. Yam Concepcion had her own ‘sabaw’ moments, too.

Infants make a scene even without the director’s cue, so having a baby in the cast would squeeze out some laughter. Mommy Dana (Yam Concepcion) giggled at a slight blooper. And just like a baby, Mari Kaimo, or Manny, dozed off on the set. He was too sleepy that he could be heard snoring in the middle of Kim, Sunshine Cruz, and Christopher de Leon’s scene. 

Cheery little kids can pass on the sunny vibes. Yam laughed as she fell victim to Michael (JJ Quilantang)’s cute prank. He’s also caught playing ‘rock paper scissors’ with Kim.

Even Singapore’s famous Merlion statue was a witness to the ensemble cast’s funny moments, such as when Kim and Xian Lim struggled to shot a ‘kilig’ chance encounter. There were also ‘laugh trip’ outtakes while Kim, Xian, Richard Juan, and ZsaZsa Padilla were eating authentic Singaporean food in a restaurant.



Big scenes are taken seriously but not the mistakes that happen in the middle of a shoot. Even seasoned thespians like Christopher, Eula Valdes, and Ruffa Gutierrez aren’t immune from flubbed lines, prop fails, and hilarious unexpected reactions.

Oh, that comfort room clash between Kim and Yam? It turns out they had fun and so much laughter mounting that trending scene!



The “new normal” lock-in taping, albeit challenging, didn’t halt the hilarious shenanigans. The cast and production crew had happy times eating and drinking and jamming on free days, spreading good vibes as a way to cope with the situation.

Love Thy Woman followed the story of half-sisters Jia (Kim Chiu) and Dana (Yam Concepcion) who became bitter rivals over paternal affection, success, and one man. It aired its finale episode last September 11.

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