10 times Adam tried to reconcile his daughters Dana and Jia

Our weekday afternoons have definitely gone extra scorching as family drama Love Thy Woman never failed to deliver intense scenes in every episode as its lead characters figure in an incessant rivalry.

And in this seemingly never-ending war between his first and second families, there is one person who has certainly been in the middle of it all – the patriarch of the Wongs, Adam, brilliantly portrayed by award-winning veteran actor Christopher de Leon.

From being the ‘mediator’ of the two women he both truly loved – his legal wife Lucy (Eula Valdez) and his mistress Kai (Sunshine Cruz) – Adam later on found himself as the ‘referee’ between his two equally beautiful and fierce daughters Dana (Yam Concepcion) and Jia (Kim Chiu).  His daughters’ once-civil relationship got marred when they both fell in love with the same man – David (Xian Lim).

Thus, Adam has been doing everything he could in order to reconcile them since then by being their “bridge”, as what we could see in the clips included in this Kapamilya Toplist video.

The distressed patriarch also treats them fair and just as he berates them if they commit something wrong and unpleasant, makes sure to listen on both sides of the story whenever they got into fights, and speak to them from time to time to show his support.

He had been talking with Jia in her attempt to persuade her to come back and help them in their family business, but she declined it, saying that it’s better for her and her mom to stay away from his first family to avoid any commotion that their unlikely reunion might cause.

Adam also tried to console Dana, but she’s consistently stern as she refuses to accept the apology of her half-sister, hurl snide remarks against her, and assault her physically. She even attempted to trick everyone that she became invalid after the accident she and her husband David encountered, which made Adam really and compelled him to “teach” her a lesson by enrolling her to anger management sessions and indefinitely relieving her from her position in the company.

Will all her efforts to fix Jia and Dana pay off in the end? Well, that’s for us to find out in the next episodes of Love Thy Woman!