10 sacrifices Jia did for her family

Being the illegitimate child, Jia (Kim Chiu) have long accepted that she and her mom Kai (Sunshine Cruz) would always be the second priority of their patriarch Adam Wong (Christopher de Leon), next to his legal wife Lucy (Eula Valdez) and their unica hija Dana (Yam Concepcion).

Thus, ever since Love Thy Woman commenced in February, we’ve witnessed how she keeps on working hard and doing her best to adjust in order to maintain the harmony in their family. Her efforts and opinions may have been snubbed or belied, especially by her Auntie Lucy most of the time, she still astoundingly chooses to keep going on and help her dad in their business to the best of her capabilities.

Aside from the belittlement they had to endure, Jia also opted to set aside her own welfare and did a lot of sacrifices just to suffice the satisfaction of her family and avoid further commotion that her every action and decision have caused. Let’s recall those moments when she put her loved ones’ sake above hers through this Kapamilya Toplist.

Despite already scoring a decent job in their family’s real-estate company wherein she could utilize her knowledge and skills, she was still persistent on finding a new job not only to widen her horizons, but to seek a place where her worth would be appreciated as well. Of course, her mom initially discouraged her, but Jia explained that she was also doing it because she didn’t want them to totally depend on the Wongs.



As her plan got impeded after Adam reprimanded her and refused her resignation, her desire to fulfill it intensified anew when she figured in an illicit affair with her Achi (older sister) Dana’s husband David (Xian Lim). Although she tried her best to suppress her feelings for him and get rid of him, they both found it impossible as their affection toward one another grew, especially when Dana was in comatose state.

Because of the deplorable mistake she committed, she humbly confessed and apologized to her then unconscious Achi and told her that she’s finally decided to leave for Singapore and start a brand new life there. Letting go of the man she truly loved might be painful for her, but she still chose to do so for the sake of Dana and of correcting the mistakes she committed.



As they let their emotions rule over them, Jia then found herself in a more terrible problem as David got her pregnant after their unexpected encounter in Vigan, Ilocos. Even though she’d been dying to tell him about it upon finding out, she retreated on the last minute and decided that she would raise their child on her own, no matter what it takes.



Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with breast cancer later on, yet she opted not to undergo any treatment in order to protect her unborn child then. She courageously fought her ailment with the help of her mom and was able to conquer it, but not her baby, who they believed have died.



In spite of the agonizing challenge she went through, Jia exhibited resilience as she chose to move on with her life and rise up again for her family and to the people who firmly believes in her.



Jia attests that as we love genuinely, we should also be ready and willing to sacrifice because that’s definitely a part of it. And this is the true spirit of this season.