Yam Concepcion superb acting as Dana

Almost a year after making our bloods boil due to her exceptionally compelling performance as the philandering and ferocious Jade Flores-Bartolome in the highly talked about primetime series Halik, Yam Concepcion is currently astounding us anew with her another kontrabida stint in the afternoon drama Love Thy Woman.

With the continuous exciting development of its narrative, the seasoned actress has really been doing a great job in enthralling us in her portrayal of the fiery and cunning Dana Wong-Chao.

As we all know, Dana has been hostile towards Jia (Kim Chiu) ever since they were young, regardless of how kind and patient her half-sister has been towards her. Her mind has been seemingly set that Jia has been taking everything from her -- the attention and affection of their father Adam (Christopher De Leon) and the love of her beau David (Xian Lim).

Upon observing the growing closeness between her half-sister and her fiance, Dana started to get dubious of their relationship, which Jia confidently denied.

But her speculation eventually came true after the two had an illicit affair while she was in comatose. Upon learning about it, she constantly spark fights with both of them and has grown more aggressive.

In fact, in one of their encounters, Dana surprisingly attacked Jia and furiously dragged her across the restroom floor in her attempt to dip her head into the toilet bowl. This happened when she was still pretending to be invalid after the accident.

She maligned her half-sister to their dad as she convinced Adam that Jia attacked her and that she was rekindling her romance with David.

Aside from Jia's affair with her husband, another thing that irks her is the former's cohesive bond with her son Michael (JJ Quilantang). While she's undergoing treatment, her half-sister has been accompanying Michael in everything he wants or has to do -- from school activities to watching movies. 

Despite knowing how that her son is enjoying the company of her "Auntie Pretty", she still tried to pull them away from each other yet to no avail. Instead of thanking her, she remained ungrateful and even called her out.

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