10 family life lessons we learn from Adam of Love Thy Woman

He may be despised because of letting temptation took over him by engaging in an illicit affair with another woman while his wife was mourning over the death of her father and their child. But Adam Wong, exceptionally portrayed by veteran actor Christopher de Leon in the controversial afternoon soap opera Love Thy Woman, turned out to be the best dad every child and the best partner every wife could ask for.


Throughout its remarkable run, he has inspired many of us not only with the good example that he displays, but in the thought-provoking statements that he utters that could make us reflect on our lives as well.



As we usually spent the Lent on reflecting on the passion and sacrifices of Jesus Christ, may these words of wisdom from Adam that we compiled in this Kapamilya Toplist help us in our pursuit of taking ourselves back on track and mending our worn relationships with our loved ones and the other people around us.


On the importance of family

Adam showed us how every family man should be with how he treats and gives importance to his family.

Being the owner and top executive of their real-estate family business, Adam’s schedule has been really hectic, giving him no time to spare for his family. Thus, in his pursuit of making up to the lost time he should have with Dana (Yam Concepcion) when she was growing up, he tapped a family friend to take candid pictures of them doing random things together. Because he believed that even though its already impossible for them to bring back time, they can always make a better next time.

Right from the very start, we already knew how his first and second families harbour bad blood towards one another. Ever since, we have witnessed how he’s been trying hard for the longest time to keep their family intact.

He pleaded for Dana to forgive her half-sister, regardless of how detestable the mistake she committed was, and just “snap out of it”, and, on the other hand, appealed to Jia (Kim Chiu) not to depart from their family and company when she decided to pursue her career in Singapore.


On being impartial towards his loved ones

Even though Lucy and Dana are his legitimate family, he never abandoned his responsibility to his second family Kai (Sunshine Cruz) and Jia, who he continuously supported through the years. Adam has always been fair towards them as he makes sure to provide them with everything they need and equal opportunities, and even reprimand them both when needed.

As his domineering wife Lucy (Eula Valdez) always tend to belittle or wish ill against his other family, he never let that to simply pass without calling her out. In fact, in one of their quarrels, he told her, “Hindi ko akalain na magiging masaya ka, na kaya mong maging masaya sa kabiguan [at] pagdurusa ng ibang tao.”

Upon learning that she impeded the promotion of Jia to a higher position in their business due to her alleged lack of competence, he scolded her by telling her that everyone commits mistakes and once she errs, they’re there to help her because that’s what family is for. He reminded her of how he immediately agreed when she proposed for Dana’s appointment as their company’s Associate Vice President for Operations and emphasized that he’s not the type who would hamper the progress other people, especially if it’s her daughters’.

Attesting to that was with how he expressed his happiness and pride for Jia for the success of the furniture business she put up despite his yearning to take her back to their company.


On affirming his stand and owning up to his mistakes

Even though he’s the patriarch and he holds the highest position in their company, Adam still knows how to accept that he, too, slips up and apologizes for his wrongdoings and shortcomings, such as when he prejudged her over the awful mistake she committed.

He may have his own share of unpleasant traits, but another thing that’s admirable about him is how he doesn’t let himself be easily swayed when it comes to making decisions, even by his wife, and firmly stand for those. And we’re able to witness it ever since he decided to continuously support Jia and Kai and every time he defends them from his overbearing wife and firstborn.

Just like what he told Lucy in one of their spats, “I’m not your puppet. ‘Di ko ginawa ang decision na ‘yon para ipaghiganti si Dana, hindi para sa iyo, hindi para sa akin. Ginawa ko ‘yon dahil ‘yon sa tingin ko ang dapat!”

Yes, Adam may not be perfect nor trying to be one, but his impartial and genuine love for his family and willingness to sacrifice in order to provide them a better life and keep them intact amid their misunderstandings make him a great patriarch.