Jessie’s love for Jane & Monmon

Jessie (William Lorenzo), a character in Love In 40 Days, is a reminder to show our loved ones how much they mean to us while there’s still time. It broke his heart realizing he hasn’t done enough for his kids Jane (Loisa Andalio) and Monmon (Josh de Guzman). In fact, he estranged himself from them. Nevertheless, he chose to fix things after Jane’s accident.

Kapamilya Toplist inspires you to make it up to your loved ones before it’s too late as Jessie did in Love In 40 Days.

Secrets would unfold as Jessie receives Jane's letters from Edward (Ronnie Alonte) and learns that his daughter is dead. Jane’s mother was Jessie's kept woman. At that point in the story, he was hated for his shortcomings and betrayal. But, we viewers have forgiven him seeing his effort to reconnect with Monmon despite Valerie (Zabel Lamberth)’s rage.

Jessie would spend quality time with Monmon despite their imperfect setup. In a scene, the child happily welcomed him with an embrace at Berta (Maria Isabel)'s house, brushing off his tardiness. He felt Monmon’s pure love and acceptance, which Valerie couldn’t give. Things rest on Valerie’s ability to forgive but we also can’t blame her for hurting over her father’s betrayal.

Jessie would make a stand for his other two kids. He firmly decided to make it up to Monmon even if Valerie begged him to abandon again the child. Jessie says he wants to start fresh with Monmon as a father should, remorse written all over his face. He knows he can’t bring back time but he will make it better from that moment forward.

Given his offenses in the past, Jessie made us want to hate him again as he keep secrets from Edward about Berta and Monmon’s whereabouts. The truth is he’s doing it for his kids’ protection. He’s scared to trust the wrong people and jeopardize his children’s safety. Later on, it is revealed that Jane falls into a coma and her family is trying to protect her from the suspects behind her auto accident.

Jessie’s real emotions would show up when no one’s looking. Deep inside he’s full of remorse. He misses Jane. In a scene, he read Jane’s letters and tells how much he loves her. He is deeply sorry for leaving his kids. Jane acknowledged her father’s apology and tried to touch him, keeping the scene a great soul-stirrer.

We’re rooting for Jessie’s happy reunion with Jane when she wakes up from coma. We hope she wakes up.

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